Interview with Jon Justice

jon justice
Jon Justice

Interview by Scott Preston
Photos by Chuck Madden

I had a chance to ask one of the better blues players in the city, Jon Justice a few questions while he is in the studio working on his next cd.

Cincy Groove:How long have you been playing music?

Jon Justice:Started getting paid when i was 12, at that time I was playing drums. I was making as much money as the rest of the band. I toured with some bluegrass and gospel groups.

Cincy Groove:When did you get your first guitar?

Jon Justice:I always loved to write, whether it was short stories or haiku. I asked for a guitar when i was 15, finally got one when I was 16. I would sit down with a flat top acoustic, it would end up sounding like a folk song.

Cincy Groove:Who are some of your influences?

Jon Justice:All the Delta and Chicago blues guys, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Buddy Guy. I actually became friends with Buddy over the last couple years. He is so relaxed and chill. I also like soul artists, Otis Redding, Stevie Wonder.

Cincy Groove:What was the first concert you went to?

Jon Justice: My dad took me to see the Black Crowes and ZZ Top in the early 90’s. I think i was about 11. The Black Crowes came out first , the whole tour was sponsered by Miller Lite. I think Chris Robinson was drunk or something. Chris Robinson said everything we’re doing is coming out of our pocket, Miller Lite is giving us nothing. Then they were kicked off the tour 2 days later. I could see both sides of the story.

Cincy Groove:Do you have any pre show rituals?

Jon Justice: No not really, I like to meet people. Talk to my band and make sure everything is cool. Make sure my gear is working.

Cincy Groove:Do you have a favorite venue?

Jon Justice:Thats a tough one. Depends what night and who is running sound. Legends (Buddy Guys place) in Chicago is pretty cool. Its cool because the crowd knows what they getting. They aren’t there to shoot pool or darts. They are there to see the music.

Cincy Groove:Whats the strangest experience you have had with one of your fans?

Jon Justice: This chick, I don’t know who she is and I don’t know where she heard this. I love Razzles, candy that turned into gum and i told somebody this. This girl shows up at a show with a case of Razzle’s. You can’t even find them anymore so I have no idea where she got them from. Another guy brought a Ventriloquiest dummy and put the Jon Justice logo on the dummys shirt. I still have it at home. I hate calling people fans. Call them family or friends. Anybody that spends money to come to a show to see you perform is a friend.

Cincy Groove:I was checking out the merch on your website and noticed you have women’s thongs for sale with the Jon Justice logo on them. Have you sold any of those? lol

Jon Justice: Yeah actually, I was in Madison, WI last year, and some people showed up with Jon Justice t-shirts and a couple girls had the thongs on and showed them to me lol.

Cincy Groove:What do you do when your not playing music?

Jon Justice: Until recently the only thing there was was music. Going fishing with my son. I like to read alot. I want to get into photography, i used to paint quite a bit. I am also an avid Kelly Clarkson memorbellia collector. I get teased quite a bit about it.

Cincy Groove:How far along are you on your new album?

Jon Justice: whatever is between a 1/4 and 1/2 way through lol. I don’t know. Right now we are trying to get it done by January.

Cincy Groove:Is there somebody you would like to play with you haven’t played with before?

Jon Justice:That list is huge. There are a million people. I would like to play with either Robert Randolph or Derek Trucks. Another guy that is not as well known is Shawn Costello. Eric Windell is pretty good too.

Jon’s song “Mean Old World” is currently on the playlist here at Head on over to the Audio page and check it out.

Jon Justice website:

Upcoming Jon Justice Shows:
12/13/07 9:00 PM The Slippery Noodle Indianapolis,IN
12/14/07 TBA Chris Walker Benefit Covington, KY
12/15/07 10:00 PM Lizard’s Lounge Indianapolis, IN
12/21/07 10:00 PM Marietta Brewing Co Marietta,OH
12/22/07 12:00 PM Latitudes Milford, OH
12/28/07 10:00 PM Mansion Hill Tavern Newport, KY
12/29/07 10:00 PM The Verve Terre Haute, IN
12/31/07 8:00 PM Flying Mango Des Moines, IA
01/11/08 10:00 PM Latitudes Cincinnati – Anderson, OH
01/12/08 9:00 PM The Avenue Covington, KY
01/18/08 10:00 PM Cheapside Lexington, KY
01/19/08 10:00 PM Cheapside Lexington, KY
01/25/08 12:00 PM Southgate House Newport, KY
01/26/08 9:00 PM Deadwood Saloon Covington, KY
01/31/08 All Day I.B.C Memphis, TN

for complete show details visit Jon’s website