Getting to Know Chris Walker, part 2

christopher walker
Christopher Walker

I received so many thoughtful and kind responses from people I asked to tell me what Chris means to them and The Cincinnati music community, I decided to split the article into 2 parts. That way I can include everybody’s kind words.

JC:Chris Walker is a constant smile and a ready hand shake and hug. He’s quick to get you a shot, and eager to share an evening talking; even as the conversation sometimes moves on from insightful commentary to inebriated rambling.

Though we have from time to time, Chris and I don’t often expressly call each other to meet up. We’re confident in the fact that we often cross paths, and are glad to hang with each other when we do.

He’s always been supportive, even back in the day when I was in my first lame attempt at a band, and he was already working wonders.

The greatness of the human spirit, theological or empirical, is present in everyone, but shines brighter from some. Chris is definitely a guiding light.

Kelly Thomas:I have always admired Chris’s musicianship and am happy to say over the years he’s someone I definitely call a friend.

Chris is such a great example of a working musician; often having 3 shows in one day, always looking for new projects and the next inspiration. Despite his musical prowess and obvious popularity, Chris has never become an egomaniac and has remained very grounded.

I always love his devilish grin… he always seems like he’s up to something Smile I think he’s a great example for all local musicians of how to strike the balance between being a musical bad ass and a humble human being. I love Chris and Carole and am really praying hard for his full recovery

For all information relating to Chris’ current condition please visit –

Upcoming Chris Walker Benefit Shows:

12/14/07 Friday
Conrail Saints CD Release Party
also performing: Earl Grey, Buckra, Trojan Rabbit, Jon Justice
Molly Malone’s
Covington, KY
9pm, cover

Homunculus, Rays Music Exch,Worldwide, The Hiders,Selector, Jason Dennie and Walker Project
Southgate House
Newport, KY