MidPoint Music Festival 2008: Under New Management


MidPoint Music Festival 2008: Under New Management
If you went to the Web site for the MidPoint Music Festival over the past few weeks, all you saw was this cryptic message: “After six years, everything changes.”

So what’s the big change? CityBeat is now the proud operator of the six-year-old festival, which will return Sept. 24-27. A huge overhaul of the event is underway. Over the course of five years, MidPoint founders Sean Rhiney and Bill Donabedian developed their labor of love into one of the preeminent showcases for unsigned bands in the country. Their dedication to the up-and-coming artist should forever be commended as it has helped Cincinnati’s profile as a “music city” in the midst of our current musical renaissance period.

CityBeat will keep true to that initial spirit and also work to broaden the appeal of the fest overall. Unsigned bands will still be a large focus of the event. Any and all artists interested in performing can submit starting today at the MPMF Web site.

No more industry panels, just music. Over the next few weeks we will be making further announcements about the fest (keep an eye on this blog), culminating with an event at Below Zero in Over-the-Rhine (the former Alchemize and Cavern locale) on April 9. The Omaha-based band Cursive, members of Connor Oberst’s Saddle Creek Records family, will perform at the April 9 launch event.

Please visit this story on Citybeat.com to leave your comments on who you think should be at Midpoint this year or if you have any suggestions.
(source: Citybeat.com)