Woodstock at 50 Retrospect Seeking Photos & Memories


Woodstock at 50 Retrospect Seeking Photos & Memories
March 24, 2008

The leaders of the former Woodstock Preservation Alliance, which headed the efforts put forth to see that the original Woodstock site was best preserved during the development of Bethel Woods have been approached by the publishers of Goldmine Record Album Price Guide (Krause), to author a retrospective of Woodstock at 40. They are trying to amass a daunting 500-700 rarely, if never before seen, photos of Woodstock and the Bethel/White Lake area at that time, to commemorate the 40th anniversary coming up next year..

Their vision of this book is to use photos from festival-goers, crew, townspeople and such and present this book from their perspectives, which will make it very unique. Included in the book will be memories from people who were there – at the concert, and in the area. Also, pictures of memorabilia from the festival, posters, tickets, stuff from Yasgur’s farm, etc., provided the contributors can locate these buried treasures.

The authors are calling out to everyone who might possibly have photos from that time, or know someone who might have a box tucked away, that could be lent to this project. Snapshots, film footage – any condition is needed.

If you have any information to assist with this project please contact author Joanne Hague at [email protected]