CD Review – The Newbees – Amsterdam


The Newbees have brought us their latest cd Amsterdam , containing 18 tracks that show us what happens when you bring together 5 songwriters with talent and the experience to back it up.

Something a band hasn’t done very much is to include mini-tracks as segue’s between the full tracks on the cd. When I first listened to “Amsterdam” I didn’t realize right away thats what The Newbees had done in a few spots. I thought that’s a really long track, but I was enjoying this cd so much I didn’t mind at all. The Newbees pulled this off beautifully.

Highlights for me include tracks Inconveniently Me -> red light district -> Right On. This is one of the instances where The Newbees included a mini-jam track in between the two full tracks. I would also like to point out the last track on the cd, Jojo. On vocals is Tim Seiwert, the drummer and singing along with him is his (at the time of the recording) 4 year old son. His son keeps really good time with the song when he is singing.

This is my opinion the best of the Newbees releases to date. They show an increased maturity in their song writing and are also willing to take chances. Which is something every band has to do to grow as a musician.

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