Jeff Scott Roberson releases solo cd “Summers Here” April 29


jeff scott robersonThe new solo CD by Len’s Lounge front man, Jeff Roberson is available locally at Shake It Records and Everybody’s Records and online at and a national drop date of April 29 via CD Baby, iTunes, Rhapsody and Amazon Digital. Summer’s Here is the title and Jeff Scott Roberson is the moniker.

So here it is. My first solo record in 20 years. The first time around was ‘Hard Folk’, released on the Ultrasuede Records label, the short lived and long forgotten Cincinnati imprint that gave the world ‘Big Top Halloween’ by The Afghan Whigs, The Liquid Hippo’s ‘Shellac The Bozac’ and the angry folk music of my misspent 20’s; lost years spent shouting folk music on street corners from Austin to Boston, dodging objects in rock clubs and slumming through America’s cities. Good times! About 1992 I started a band, Len’s Lounge, we made 4 CD’s, a few singles, a bunch of comps and that band lives on like an old dog that won’t die.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be 48 years old and writing some of the best material of my life. That the music business is in the toilet is not helping my expectations much, but hey, timing’s never been my thing. ‘Summer’s Here’ is produced by Ed Pettersen (Song of America, Freedy Johnston/My Favorite Waste of Time), a guy I kept running into around the clubs of North Carolina and Tennessee, and features 9 great songs recorded live with 5 classic session players from the studio scenes of Detroit, Memphis, Los Angeles and Nashville, tracked, mixed and mastered by 1 music industry legend.

Recorded live in 2 sessions in Nashville, ‘Summer’s Here’ represents record making the way it used to be: all the thrills and chills of seasoned masters feeding off each other, very little frills in the way of overdubs and certainly no modern digital tricks of pitch tuning and time correction. ‘Summer’s Here’ features some of the most sought after session musicians of the last 40 years: legendary session guitarist, member of the great Memphis Boys house band at American Studios and recent Country Music Hall of Fame inductee Reggie Young on lead guitar; Motown Funk Brother Bob Babbitt on bass; LA session great Ed Green on drums; first call Nashville session bass player and former Toto bassist David Hungate on acoustic guitar; 20 year Nashville session vet Catherine Marx on piano and organ, and a 21 year old fiddle player from Oklahoma named Kenzie Wetz. Tracked, mixed and mastered by Bob Ohlsson of Mowon fame.

This band realized a dream once discussed over coffee between Tom Dowd and Bob Ohlsson shortly before Tom’s death a few years back – a dream of reinvigorating the concept of a house band. Together with producer Ed Pettersen, Bob assembled these musicians and Ed started using them as his ‘house band’ on all the sessions Ed and Bob were doing together.

Put it on. Turn it up. Enjoy!
Jeff Scott Roberson