Cincy-Cinco 2008 Highlights Latino Culture and Traditions in the Tri-State


Cincy-Cinco 2008 Highlights Latino Culture and Traditions in the Tri-State

Cincinnati festival joins the tri-state Latino population and the community at large with a weekend-long “fiesta de pueblo” (town party) at Riverbend Music Center

CINCINNATI, Ohio (April 18, 2008) – The fifth annual Cincy-Cinco is set for May 3 and 4 at the Plaza at Riverbend Music Center, in Anderson Township, Ohio.

Cincy-Cinco, the tri-state region’s premier Latino cultural fest, is a family-friendly weekend event that showcases Latino culture, values and traditions while promoting the interaction of the Latino community with the tri-state community at large.

“Cincy Cinco is a celebration across cultures and an opportunity for the Hispanic community to showcase its rich heritage. People of all ages and backgrounds have the opportunity to enjoy and learn about Latino music, dance and food,” said Neil Comber, co-founder of Cincy-Cinco.

Added co-chair Alfonso Cornejo. “The Hispanic community is growing and we feel it is important to hold an event where the many positive aspects of Latino cultures and traditions can be shared.” Since 2000, there has been a 50% increase in the area Hispanic population – a trend unlikely to slow or fade. Nationally, Hispanics are the largest minority group, at more than 45 million, according to census data, and accounting for 50% of the total population growth.

The weekend-long event is the largest Latino cultural celebration in the region and it’s expected to be bigger and better this year. In 2004, attendance was 5,000 people, and last year there were 13,000 in attendance. This year, festival organizers estimate there will be between 15,000 to 20,000 people with attendees traveling from Indianapolis, Columbus, Dayton and Kentucky.

This year’s Cincy Cinco will feature the re-creation of a typical “fiesta de pueblo’ or town fiesta on the Plaza at Riverbend. During the day there will be many activities for the whole family. In the children’s area there will be Latino and American games and arts and crafts for kids of all ages. Children can create their own souvenir from Cincy-Cinco, like a traditional ribbon streamer or a wooden construction, courtesy of Home Depot.

Music and dance will delight guests on three stages with the best in regional and local Latino music. The RSVIP Club will mainly feature traditional dances in colorful costumes from countries like Peru and Colombia. New this year will be dance troupes from Mexico and Brazil. On the Zocalo (main square) there will be plenty for attendees to join in on with balladeers from Mexico and the Caribbean including the famous Mexican Mariachi style of music. There will also be dance demonstrations and lessons, including the “hot” new type of aerobics called Zumba. And on the Main Stage, there is more of the modern Latin music, featuring up and coming local latin talent and salsa bands.

All day and night, attendees will be able to feast on authentic Latino cuisine from at least 5 countries provided by local restaurants. Also members of the community will be offering tasty “botanas” or appetizers to allow people to sample a wide variety of favorite Latin American treats.

As the day winds down, there will be a parade round the site where all in attendance are asked to wear traditional costumes and hats, and kids to parade their newly made authentic crafts.

On Saturday night there will be the biggest “Cinco de Mayo” celebration in the Midwest. The RSVIP Club is transformed into the Cincy-Cinco Cantina with games like “futbolito” (foozball) and dominoes, as well as a latino DJ. On the Main Stage Cincinnati’s own Spanish radio – La Ley – will present two bands –Dionora y La Juventud, and Techno Caliente – on the Bud Light stage for the first time in this area featuring a mix of traditional and modern Mexican music styles.

There’s so much more at Cincy-Cinco. Many of the corporate sponsors, like PNC Bank and Kroger, will be there to showcase their products and services in fun interactive ways. Attendees will also be able to explore tri-state opportunities in health and education.

Tickets, $10 each, are available at Riverbend Music Center on the day of the event. Attendees can save save $2 when by purchasing their tickets at any area Kroger store. Children under 16 are free. All proceeds benefit tristate charities that support the Latino community.

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