Interview with Brian Gorby from Seven

seven, brian gorby
Brian Gorby from Seven

Interview by Scott Preston

SEVEN is a two piece acoustic configuration, refining energy and positive vibrations through music. SEVENs purpose, no small task, is to use their passion and love for music to turn on everyone who is searching for something fresh and uplifting. Brian Gorby is a virtual melting pot of musical influences, all lending something to his complex and fluid playing style. His innovative percussion playing and vocals are a true testament to his spiritual love of music. Adam Snoderly, a uniquely refined picker, exhibits the bands already tight and melodic style, contributing to SEVENs fully intensified sound. The collaboration of the two artists equals SEVEN. Seven is a touring acoustic act from the hills of WEST VIRGINA who has shared the stage with many national acts including: Hackensaw Boys, David Gans, Del McCoury, Ekoostik Hookah, Drew Emmit Band, The Recipe, Dark Star Orchestra, Donna Jean Godchaux, BoomBox, Poverty Neck Hillbillies, John Cowan Band, The Poogie Bell Band ,Commander Cody ,All Mighty Senator’s,The Boogie Hustlers, Melvin Sparks ,Yonder Mountain String Band,Blues Traveler, Keller Williams, Larry Keel, Herring Rogers & Sipe, New Riders Big Leg Emma, JJ Grey & Mofro .

Cincy Groove: How long has Seven been together?

Brian Gorby: We have been together going on 5 years now. We actually played together in a band in high school. We then broke out of that and played our acoustic thing. At the time we were playing more alternative music. I then moved away for a little while then we got back together around 2002.

Cincy Groove: I saw you perform at hookahville once before, will this be your second time performing there this spring?

Brian Gorby: Yes it will be our second time. We are thrilled to be asked to play again. Its a great festival and a great venue. Steve Trickle is a great guy.

Cincy Groove: So do you play music full time?

Brian Gorby: I do, in addition to Seven, I’m also in a full band call The Trainjumpers. The Trainjumpers aren’t touring that much right now. We had a single off our last record in regular rotation on a local station, Eagle 107 FM. That band has more of a rootsy sound , we jam a little bit , but not too much.

Cincy Groove: Are you working on any new albums?

Brian Gorby: Seven is getting ready to go back into the studio. We are trying to decide whether to put out another studio record with our new songs. We are also taping a lot of live shows. Hopefully we will be able to put together a collection of songs from those tapings, because a live record really captures us the best. We do have a record we just put out last year and its doing well.

Cincy Groove: Who do you consider some of your musical influences?

Brian Gorby: Stevie Wonder is a huge influence on me. Early, early Beach Boys, The Beatles, we really listen to all kinds of music. I love good hip hop, like The Roots, I have been listening to them for a very long time. As long as its honest, heartful and soulful, I’m willing to give it a shot and listen.

Cincy Groove: Is there anything you like to do when your not playing music?

Brian Gorby: Skateboarding, snow boarding, and just chilling with friends and my girlfriend. Enjoying down time is fun, it seems we are always on the constant go all the time. Seven is really the touring monster right now.

Cincy Groove: Do you have any venues you really enjoy performing in?

Brian Gorby: One of my favorite venues is right here in West Virginia, The Purple Fiddle. A lot of acoustic and bluegrass groups play there. Its in this little mountain town, its really this little mom and pop co op place. We also enjoy The Club Cafe in Pittsburgh. We just did a really good show with Big Leg Emma there. We are lucky we are up in the West Virginia panhandle, so we can be in Pennsylvania or Ohio in like 5 minutes.


Upcoming Seven tour dates:
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May 23 2008 RUBY TUESDAY Columbus, Ohio
May 24 2008 SPRING HOOKAHVILLE 29 Thronville, Ohio
May 25 2008 4th ANNUAL SPRING BARN DANCE Sherman, New York
Jun 5 2008 PURPLE FIDDLE Thomas, West Virginia
Jun 6 2008 THE WILD BEAN Lewisburg, West Virginia
Jun 7 2008 MAYA Charlottesville, Virginia
Jun 8 2008 BEER RUN Charlottesville, Virginia
Jun 12 2008 ARCHIE’S PUB Morgantown, West Virginia
Jun 21 2008 FURTHERMIND MUSIC FESTIVAL Youngstown, Ohio
Jun 26 2008 CAROL’S SILVER DOLLAR Jamestown, New York
Jun 27 2008 JAMBALOOSA festival Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Jun 28 2008 JAMBALOOSA festival Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Jun 28 2008 TRAIN JAM @ andy’s barn Bethany, West Virginia
Jun 29 2008 THE ROADWORTHY West Liberty, West Virginia
Jul 5 2008 TONY & CLEO’S Wheeling, West Virginia
Jul 26 2008 GROOVE JAM VI Wellsburg, West Virginia
Aug 8 2008 MARIETTA BREWING COMPANY Marietta, Ohio
Aug 8 2008 SHAMY BASH Pataskala, Ohio
Aug 15 2008 MORSE HOTEL Sherman, New York
Aug 15 2008 MARIETTA BREWING COMPANY Marietta, Ohio
Aug 16 2008 MOLLY BRANNIGANS Erie, Pennsylvania
Aug 21 2008 ARCHIE’S PUB Morgantown
Aug 26 2008 BOCKTOWN BEER & GRILL North Fayette, Pennsylvania
Sep 5 2008 CYBER CAFE WEST Binghamton, West Virginia
Sep 20 2008 DANTE’S BAR Frostburg, Maryland
Sep 27 2008 EMPTY GLASS Charleston, West Virginia
Oct 18 2008 CAROL’S SILVER DOLLAR Jamestown, New York
Nov 15 2008 HEMPEN HILL BBQ Hargerstown, Maryland
Dec 20 2008 HEMPEN HILL BBQ Hagerstown, Maryland