Les Paul turns 93 today

Les Paul (born Lester William Polsfuss on June 9, 1915) is an American jazz guitarist and inventor. He is a pioneer in the development of the solid-body electric guitar which “made the sound of rock and roll possible.”His many recording innovations include overdubbing, delay effects such as “sound on sound” and tape delay, phasing effects and multitrack recording. In 2003, he was named the 46th best guitarist of all time by Rolling Stone although many seasoned rock artists feel he should have been rated much higher because of his longevity and guitar achievements and innovations.

Les Paul will celebrate the way he does every year, by playing a gig. Paul will perform in NYC at the Iridium Jazz Club, with his three piece backing band, featuring John Colianni (Piano), Lou Pallo (Guitar) and Nicki Parrott (Bass). Notable musicians often make the pilgrimage to the venue to sit-in with the man who pioneered the electric guitar, so it possible that some artists will celebrate Paul’s 93 birthday. The group will perform 2 shows, at 8 and 10 PM.