Anya Singleton, NYC Based Artist To Release New Album August 12

New York, NY– Born in Tunisia and raised in South Africa and England before arriving in New York, singer-songwriter Anya Singleton’s first full-length album, The Other Side, will hit stores August 12 and features 11 tracks all co-written by Singleton. Intensely introspective yet captivating, you’ll feel as if Singleton has invited you into her living room for an emotional thrill ride of a story. Not content to only chronicle the ups and downs of heartache, Singleton casts a refreshingly candid view on politics, materialism, and relationships. Never retreating behind slick over-production, she prefers to take an organic approach to this album.

“Don’t Tell Me,” a rousing anthem that channels Aretha Franklin and Janis Joplin, showcases Singleton’s sultry attention-getting pipes, while “Stop This Train,” an ode to the heartbreak of growing apart, finds Singleton’s lyrically aching vocals offset by her moving and intelligent songwriting – appealing to fans of Dusty Springfield and Joni Mitchell. Singleton tackles the tangled weave of politics on “Wake Up”, with its trippy rock edge, and jazz-affected timing that underscore her blues roots. Catchy melodies and dynamic lyrics echo 70’s classic period Stevie Wonder with nods to the Beatles, giving her music a timeless feel — while Singleton’s unforgettable voice, at once powerful, earthy and conversational, expertly combines a bluesy raw edge with a unique delivery, establishing her as an artist for a whole new generation.

“I’m so used to wearing a performer’s hat that it was gratifying to trust myself enough to write all of the music on this album,” Singleton says. “I feel like I really gave myself the chance to explore my own voice and be at my most creative; this album really defines my style — rootsy but edgy enough to be genre-defying and commercially accessible.”

Producer Rob Arthur was impressed in particular with Singleton’s songwriting and how those songs connect to the listener on a personal level. “Anya’s ability to show emotions, to make you feel what she’s feeling, is something you don’t always find in a young singer,” he says. “I’ve usually looked to the classic R&B and jazz singers for that kind of expression.”

Delicious, daring and a definite don’t miss – Singleton’s songwriting is unapologetically frank and emotionally charged, creating a moving palette of stories that will leave you wanting to hear more.

“A sizzling combination of blistering blues and rueful R&B, The Other Side introduces Singleton as one of the purest singers around. Falling somewhere between Dusty Springfield and Joss Stone, Singleton really knows how to get inside a song…the results are staggering.”– Alex Green, Caught in the Carousel

“Singleton is an expressive singer with a bluesy, soulful approach…she is talented enough as a singer and songwriter, and she is growing as an artist so fast, that comparisons to others are likely to be inadequate soon. Fans of adult pop/rock take note.”- William Ruhlmann, All Music Guide; The Other Side voted as an AMG Album Pick

“If lots of heart were the ticket to pop superstardom, Anya Singleton would be queen.”- Justine Magazine