Pete Seeger Releases New CD “At 89”


The state of the world is far from perfect, but there’s always hope as long as Pete Seeger keeps on singing. One of the fathers of the modern folk movement that started in the late 1940s and a tireless activist on behalf of civil rights, the environment, peace, and international social justice, Pete uses his music both for entertainment and to inspire personal involvement in his listeners.

“At 89” is a moving and gently urgent summary of Pete’s life’s work to date (he’ll be 90 next May). The CD contains 32 new tracks, only six of which he’s previously recorded in different arrangements on older albums. Recent Seeger originals, collaborations and in-concert favorites have been sequenced into thematic suites here, linked by Pete’s spoken introductions and a series of alternately delightful and poignant solo instrumentals.

Accompanying Pete, and being accompanied by him, are acoustic musicians and singers drawn from the Hudson River Valley in New York State, where Pete has lived for decades. Whether performing a multi-language version of “Tzena, Tzena, Tzena” (in Hebrew, Arabic and English), cheering on ecological movements (“If It Can’t Be Reduced,” “Throw Away That Shad Net”), or rejoicing in fellowship and unity (“Now We Sit Us Down,” “Wonderful Friends”), Pete’s enthusiasm and idealism are contagious as well as thought-provoking, and his fellow musicians help convey that unquenchable spirit.

If you ever sang “Where Have All the Flowers Gone” in grammar school or “We Shall Overcome” at a rally for human rights, Pete Seeger is already part of your world. Bruce Springsteen helped to bring Pete’s music to a new generation in recent years, inspired by Appleseed’s request that he record a Seeger song for the first of our trilogy of CD celebrations of Pete’s music – a total of five CDs of mostly exclusive recordings of Seeger-related songs by a Who’s Who of folk and roots music (Jackson Browne, Tom Paxton, Roger McGuinn, Donovan, Judy Collins and dozens of others).

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