Support the motion for a King Records historic landmark


Please write to the Mayor and City Council to support installing a historical marker at the former King Records site at 1540 Brewster Avenue in the City of Cincinnati.

Timing is of the essence. The plan is to do this and then celebrate at the CEA’s — Cincinnati’s annual music award show — on Sunday, November 23 with a historic re-opening of the Emery Theater. So, to put a King Records marker go up in its 65th anniversary year, and month, with the CEA’s, we need to show support now.

Syd Nathan’s labels, songs, artists and business practices of inclusion deserve a King Records Center. This historic marker will help propel everything that is going on.

Working with the Cincinnati USA Music Heritage Foundation, Councilman John Cranley is authoring a motion directing the City of Cincinnati to install and maintain a King Records historical marker and to help provide a day of celebratory events in the 65th Anniversary of King Records — for $10,000, which will leverage the following partnership:

–The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The Rock Hall will donate the historic marker and develop a King Records class/lecture series with Cincinnati State as an in-kind donation valued at $5,000. Terry Stewart, President of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, will also come to Cincinnati for the marker’s unveiling at celebrations in Evanston and the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards.

–The Cincinnati Entertainment Awards (CEA’s). The annual CEA’s will feature King Records artists and presentations with a value of $35,000 in programming and promotions. This award show is also a benefit to support kids and music through the Michael Bany Foundation and will re-open the historic Emery Theater.

— Xavier University Community Building Institute & the Evanston Community Council. XU CBI will provide up to $5,000 to provide an Evanston neighborhood afternoon reception after the historic marker is unveiled. XU CBI and Evanston will also present their plans to build a King Records Center in the Evanston business district!

–Cincinnati State Technical & Community College. Cincinnati State will work with the Rock Hall to make a King Records class/lecture series available on its campus working with area youth and the music community .

For all this to occur, we need to support City elected officials and their interest to make this happen.

Recently, City Council unanimously voted to support a policy to work with the Cincinnati USA Music Heritage Foundation to partner with institutions to celebrate and preserve Cincinnati’s rich and diverse musical heritage. (Doc# 2008-00826)

Please contact the Mayor and Council to support this effort!

Passage of Councilman Cranley’s motion is critical for the marker to be installed and for the days events to take place.

Get the word out!

Mayor Mark Mallory
801 Plum St. Rm 150
Cincinnati, OH 45202-1979
Phone: (513) 352-3250
Fax: (513) 352-5201
Email: [email protected]

Vice Mayor David Crowley
801 Plum St. Rm 352
Cincinnati, OH 45202-1979
Phone: (513) 352-2453
Fax: (513) 352-2365
[email protected]

Y. Laketa Cole
801 Plum St. Rm 351
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Jeff Berding
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Chris Bortz
801 Plum St. Rm 348
Cincinnati, OH 45202-1979
Phone: (513) 352-3255
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[email protected]

John Cranley
801 Plum St. Rm 356
Cincinnati, OH 45202-1979
Phone: (513) 352-5303
Fax: (513) 352-4657
[email protected]

Leslie Ghiz
801 Plum St. Rm 354
Cincinnati, OH 45202-1979
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Chris Monzel
801 Plum St. Rm 346B
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Roxanne Qualls
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Cecil Thomas
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