Midpoint Music Festival 2008, Cincinnati, OH


mpmf, midpoint music festival

What a great start to one of the premier music festivals in the region. Local band Seabird kicked things off down at Fountain Square that was preceded by a great opening speech by City Beat’s Dan McCabe. By the way be sure to keep your eye out for the Scion shuttle cars, I used them quite a few times last night.

The decal markers used on sidewalks to designate the Scion Streetcar Stops were removed…either by the City or vandals. So, we are going to tell our drivers to run the route and make stops for like with a taxi. If you need a Streetcar ride, please hail one down. They’ll be running until midnight.

9.25.08, Seabird, Fountain Square, Cincinnati, OH
9.25.08, Daughters and Sons, Below Zero Lounge, Cincinnati, OH
9.25.08, Addie Loy, Coffee Emporium, Cincinnati, OH
9.25.08, Megan King, Coffee Emporium, Cincinnati, OH
9.25.08, Ill Poetic, Inner Peace Hollistic Center, Cincinnati, OH
9.25.08, Sonny Moorman, Cadillac Ranch, Cincinnati, OH
9.25.08, The Newbees, New Stage Collective, Cincinnati, OH
9.26.08, Jon Justice Band, Arnolds Bar, Cincinnati, OH
9.26.08, IsWhat, Courtyard Cafe, Cincinnati, OH
9.26.08, Jayne Sachs, Coffee Emporium, Cincinnati, OH
9.26.08, Seedy Seeds, Subway Lounge, Cincinnati, OH
9.26.08, Taini Asili, Javiers Bar, Cincinnati, OH
9.26.08, Tracy Walker, Coffee Emporium, Cincinnati, OH
9.26.08, Troubadour Dali, The Lodge Bar, Cincinnati, OH
9.27.08, Wussy, Aronoff Center, Cincinnati, OH
9.27.08, Yoshi, Know Theater, Cincinnati, OH
9.27.08, The Koala Fires, Know Theater, Cincinnati, OH
9.27.08, Bill Kurzenberger, Blue Wisp, Cincinnati, OH

Random Midpoint Music Festival 2008 photos