Interview with Stacee Lawson

stacee lawson
Stacee Lawson

Interview by Scott Preston

Over the past 4 years Stacee Lawson has taken her musical abilities from karaoke to acoustic gigs to her brand of indie infused folk rock. In the fall of 2007 Stacee approached Jeff Westlake from Hydrogyn on helping her to formulate the music she was writing. Lawson took her acoustic songs to Jeff for him to hear and he agreed to co write and produce a CD for her.

After two months of writing and working together along with Julie Westlake as well Stacee was ready to enter the studio. The studio was Smash Hits studio in Huntington, WV. Over the next 8 weeks Lawson laid down 11 tracks for her now titled debut CD “Deranged.”

Once the CD was done Nathan Paull from BCD was given a copy to analyze and like the product. After talks DA Records picked it up and was released on Sept 30th.

Stacee is currently getting ready to start supporting the release by putting together a band and playing live shows.

Cincy Groove: Wasn’t your debut cd just released recently?

Stacee Lawson: Yes on Sept 30. The cd release show was at the V Club here in Huntington, WV and I was surprised the turnout was great. I was really nervous because I usually play my guitar by myself solo, but I had a full band that was playing guitar for me. I had to loosen up a bit because I’m not used to moving around the stage a lot.

Cincy Groove: How long did it take you to put together your cd?

Stacee Lawson: I have had the bare bones of the songs as I play them acoustically. It took about 8 weeks to record. It was kind of nerve racking, because I had never been in a studio before. It was like going to the doctor’s office everyday for 8 weeks (laughing). I just don’t like hearing my own voice on the playback. I would be listening to the tracks in the studio and hear myself making mistakes. It was a new experience, I know I’ll feel better about it the next time around. I had a band in the studio Hydrogen backing me up on the cd. The female lead singer, XXXX, who is really good was kind enough to loan the band out to me.

Cincy Groove: Have your songs been played on the radio?

Stacee Lawson: I’m with this radio campaign, The Planetary Group on major college radio for about 3 weeks now. They have been playing the cd in Huntington, West Virginia on The Loud and Local show. On the college radio circuit I charted at #13 the first week, then #8, and ended up at #3. I get the report every week and pay close attention to it. I have also been played on The Radar Report on XM Radio. I hope the word gets out because I’m trying to make some money back (laughing).

Cincy Groove: Do you remember where you were the first time you heard one of your songs on the radio?

Stacee Lawson: Yes I do, it was on a Sunday and I was on The Loud and Local in Huntington, WV. I thought it was a big deal because when I played my acoustic gigs nobody would come. Then when I heard myself on XM Radio I got even more excited. I remember bringing the cd home before it was finished and I would listen to it wondering if anybody would like it. So far its going pretty good.

Cincy Groove: What inspired you to start playing music?

Stacee Lawson: Well I used to be in choir in high school. But in junior high my mom bought me a guitar and at that time I was pretty much just banging on it. But what was the real inspiration was when in 1998 I went to an Aerosmith concert where I had front row seats. Steven Tyler ended up pulling me up on stage and everybody went crazy, I even have the video to prove it. I remember thinking if I could just get my nerve up to get on stage and sing and have people react to my songs how that would be the greatest thing in the world.

Cincy Groove: Who did you listen to growing up and who influenced you?

Stacee Lawson: Pearl Jam, Fleetwood Mac, Audioslave, Coldplay, Counting Crows, REM, Aerosmith

Cincy Groove: What about the first cd you ever bought?

Stacee Lawson: It was a Guns and Roses cd, I remember because my aunt ended up tossing it. She went to church a lot. My dad defended me because he is kind of a rocker.

Cincy Groove: What was your first concert?

Stacee Lawson: It was that same Aerosmith concert in 1998 where Steven pulled me on stage. It ruined it because every concert I have been to since just doesn’t compare (laughing).

Cincy Groove: Is there someone that you would really like to perform with?

Stacee Lawson: I would love to play with Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder has an amazing voice. Thats when I’ll know I made when Eddie calls me up to go on tour. I could do an acoustic set with him.

Be Sure to head over to Stacee’s myspace page to check out songs from her debut cd “Deranged”

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