‘Lost’ Beatles’ George Harrison interview tape discovered


A previously-unheard interview with The Beatles’ late guitarist George Harrison has been discovered.

The interview, which took place in 1967, was conducted by Miranda Ward, who worked as a journalist in the ’60s and ’70s, reports BBC 6music.

The tapes, which the station claims “could now be worth over £200,000”, were hidden in Ward’s house.

Film producer/director David Lambert told the station he unearthed the recordings while doing research.

“George, being known as the quiet Beatle, was interviewed about his part in the famous film by The Beatles called ‘Magical Mystery Tour’,” he said. “It was only a brief chat about that, but during the interview he went on and discussed all aspects of life and the way he viewed it at the time.

“It was really the meaning of life according to George Harrison in 1967. He covers all aspects of things, the Eastern mysticism, he was very involved at the time with the Maharishi,” he added.

Source – NME