Gibson Launch World’s Most ‘Technologically Advanced’ Guitar

Gibson have announced plans to release a limited edition advanced guitar next month.

The Gibson Dark Fire has been dubbed the “most technologically advanced guitar of its kind”.

Only 4,000 models have been designed around the world, and will cost £2,500.

The new model is similar to the original Gibson Robot Les Paul guitar, but has been redesigned to incorporate the new technical capabilities.

Additions include the ability to switch between analog or digital, and it provides an infinite number of tonal possibilities to let you match your environment.

The key to controlling the new functions is the Master Control Knob (MCK), which has been redesigned with much improved ergonomics and a sophisticated full color matrix display featuring LEDs.

The model’s new MCK also controls the ability to change pickups and coils, allowing the ability to adjust tone and tunings automatically and simultaneously several times during the same song.

The Gibson Dark Fire guitar will go on sale on December 15 at 400 dealers throughout the world, with each store only stocking 10 instruments.

source – NME