CD Review – Family Groove Company – Models and Metrics


Review by Scott Preston

Models and Metrics is the fourth studio album from Chicago’s Family Groove Company. Considering myself lucky to have seen the band develop their sound since my first FGC show back in 2004, I can say that Models and Metrics is their most mature and solid album to date. They are more willing to take chances with their music which leads to some very nice surprises.

From start to finish this is a high energy album filled with tight instrumentation, but also explores the improvisational quality of their music that you will experience at their shows. On the bands website they talk about a deeply earnest desire to find and follow the virtuous path, to get “it” right. Well after what I’m sure was countless hours in the studio and even more time spent on the road they definitely got it right. Another aspect that benefits this album is that the material was written over a much shorter period of time compared with their previous studio release Charmer (2006).

Some of the tracks which caught my attention was “Another Before I Go” which has a somewhat heavier rock sound and shows the risks the band is willing to take in order to take their sound to new places. “The World is Watching (Part Two)” has some smooth flowing lyrics, backed up by laid back, jazzy bass playing by Janis Wallin that will cause your head to start bobbing and your feet to start dancing.

Listen to tracks from the album and get yourself a copy HERE