Phish Shows Sell Out in Minutes


Ticket sales for the upcoming tour by the reunited Phish exploded today (Jan. 30), with all shows selling out in minutes and severely testing Live Nation’s new ticketing system.

“We sold out everywhere we went on sale,” Phish agent Chip Hooper at Paradigm tells “We put up two Jones Beaches, a Camden, N.J., an Asheville, N.C., Pittsburgh, St. Louis and Indianapolis. Every show sold out very quickly.”

But the blogosphere was blistering with frustrated fans unable to get tickets on the new ticketing system, which seemed to crack under the strain of the massive demand.

“We’re really excited about the response,” Hooper says. “This was a uniquely high-demand situation, so I’m not surprised that the system was taxed to the max. They probably got a million hits in the first minute.”

Phish returns to live duty March 7-9 in Hampton, Va. The summer tour begins June 4 at Jones Beach in Wantagh, N.Y.

source – Billboard