Attend the Next Sam Bush Recording Session

sam bush
Sam Bush

Have you ever wondered how great records are made in the studio by the pros? Now you can study record production in Nashville by attending Sam Bush’s next recording session at MPI: Music Producers Institute. On February 28 – March 2, 2009 Sam Bush will be the guest artist at MPI, a unique, new three-day studio clinic in Nashville that teaches you how records are produced. The sessions will take place at Ocean Way Nashville, one of the top studios in the world, where Willie Nelson, Brad Paisley, Gretchen Wilson, Bob Seger, Three Doors Down and Jerry Douglas have all recently recorded.

For the first time ever, Sam along with his band and long-time engineering collaborator David Sinko, will open their studio doors to MPI students to observe a new tracking session as they record and mix brand new songs. If you are interested in record production, this MPI clinic is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You’ll see the entire record-making process, from pre-production and tracking, to overdubbing, mixing and mastering.

Founded and led by Grammy-winning producer Steve Fishell, MPI allows you the chance to study recording by watching “the real deal” — award-winning artists, musicians and engineers — in a world-class studio. The class size is limited to only TEN students and during the month of February tuition is only $900. For more information about reservations and registration, please go to MPI’s website at, email us at [email protected] or call MPI at 615-337-0092.