ALL-STAR CONCERT FOR A CAUSE – Amazing Lineup of Local Musicians Perform to Support the Mission of Non-Profit Play It Forward


CINCINNATI, OHIO – Feb 18, 2009 – A stellar list of musicians will perform on Thursday, March 12 at Madison Theater to benefit a charitable cause by and for musicians: Play it Forward. This concert brings together a number of high-profile bands one might never have the opportunity to see again on the same stage in a single evening of amazing music, including Sonny Moorman, Tracy Walker, The Bluebirds, Ricky Nye, Keith Little, Noah Hunt and Gary Burbank with Blue Run.

Plus a set by a MAJOR rock star, whom we’re not allowed to publicize but if you knew who it was you’d probably say, “hmmm… Show Me The Way to the Madison so I can check this out”. So, Do You Feel Like We Do? Do you want to show your support for a new nonprofit dedicated to helping career musicians in times of critical need? You can also win a guitar autographed by this Grammy-Award winning six-string-slinger if you show up. Doors open at 8:00PM and we’ll be jammin’ til about 12:30. The event will be video recorded, so come on down and be part of an historic live rock show!!!

The occasion for the all-star lineup is a compilation CD for which dozens of local artists submitted original tracks. The two-disk, thirty-track CD will be used to raise funds for the organization, and represents the support of all the musicians featured. Several of these artists have chosen to show their solidarity by also performing live, giving listeners an opportunity to hear some of the songs on the compilation performed in person.

The mission of Play it Forward is to help and support musicians, particularly those in situations of extreme need or emergency. Radio celebrity and musician Gary Burbank founded Play it Forward in 2007 and describes their mission: “The dedication of musicians to their craft and to the enjoyment of so many sometimes comes at the expense of their financial security and well being, occasionally leaving them in very dire straits. We seek to educate the public about those cases and to create and manage an investment fund whose annual profits will be used to assist Greater Cincinnati musicians and their families in times of catastrophic need.”

play it forward, concert for a cause, madison theaterPlay it Forward Trustee President Tom Kaper adds, “We all have our favorite bands and performers around town. What we rarely think about is the fact that there are so many musicians, both in this area and around the country, that have oftentimes given us the gift of wonderful music at the cost of their personal and financial well-being. Many of us take for granted what most musicians in our area don’t have – health insurance, savings and reliable transportation to name a few. When times get really tough or a health issue comes up, even some of the best musicians simply don’t have the resources to handle it”.

This cause has also found local friends outside of the music world; Hudy Delight Beer is sponsoring the concert. Greg Hardman, owner of Christian Moerlein Brewing Company of Cincinnati, says, “Hudy Delight is proud to support Play It Forward and its mission of assisting local musicians in need. I’m sure plenty of beer has been consumed listening to great live music,” added Hardman.

This mission of helping musicians in times of need has resonated strongly with local musicians and has garnered considerable support. The result can be seen (and heard) in the two-disk compilation CD to be released during the concert at 8 p.m. Thursday, March 12 at Madison Theater, 728 Madison Road in Covington, Kentucky. Doors open at 7 p.m. 859-491-2444.