Kyle Hollingsworth to Release New Album, Then There’s Now

kyle hollingsworth
Kyle Hollingsworth - photo by Dave Fleishman

For more than a decade, as keyboardist for Colorado’s beloved String Cheese Incident, Kyle Hollingsworth has consistently proven one of the most innovative and virtuosic musicians on the American jamband scene. Now, with the Sept. 15th release of Then There’s Now (SCI Fidelity Records), his first album since the band announced a hiatus in 2007, Hollingsworth extends his reach into areas that will both delight longtime admirers and lock in countless new ones. Emphasizing his considerable songwriting skills and incorporating a plethora of surprises, Then There’s Now marks the true emergence of Kyle Hollingsworth as a solo artist.

For Hollingsworth, who has recently been more prolific than ever before, the title of Then There’s Now offers the first clue as to where he stands today. Then There’s Now undeniably draws on Hollingsworth’s past affiliation with “The Cheese,” using his previous work as a jumping off point-yes, there are some intoxicating, if more concise, jams to be savored. But the album’s “now” component-irresistible melodies, poignant lyrics and fine-tuned song construction, plus a willingness to infuse the tunes with elements of pop, jazz, electronica, hip-hop and more-transports Hollingsworth into musical realms he’s never before explored at length.

Look for Hollingsworth on tour this fall in support of Then There’s Now. Tour dates to be announced soon.

Then There’s Now
Release Date: September 15, 2009

Track Listing
1. Way That It Goes 3:41
2. She 3:53
3. Piece of Mine 4:22
4. Phat Cat 4:33
5. Don’t Wake Me 5:08
6. All I Need 2:25
7. Wide Open 5:53
8. Too Young 3:57
9. All Inside 5:22
*Bonus Track*
10. On Fire 5:41

Additional Bonus Content on Enhanced CD
* Phat Cat w/Speech (Arrested Development), Lo-Fi
* Looking Out
* Drops
* Fire Intro

Additional Bonus Content on iTunes
* Phat Cat w/Speech (Arrested Development), Hi-Fi
* Video for Phat Cat w/Speech (Arrested Development), Hi-Fi