CD Review – STS9 – Ad Explorata


Written by Bill Whiting – [email protected]

Sound Tribe Sector 9 has had a history of genre defying albums and live tours. Their latest project is titled Ad Explorata, and it is the closest thing to a complete concept recording that the band has done. Beginning with the alluring entrance of “Phoneme,” Hunter Brown’s guitar/keyboard fills mix with the laptop/keyboard innovations of David Phipps, creating a spacey electronic based world that seems immediate yet remote at the same time. “Heavy” lives up to it’s title as the bass rumblings of David Murphy clash with the beats per second bashing of drummer extraordinaire Zach Velmer. Jeffree Lerner’s handsonic percussion adds depth and color to the aggressive strains of “Looking Back on Earth.” And, STS9 coalesces around the grooving point/ counterpoint melodic framework on “Oil & Water.” Almost like a latter day demonic Philip Glass score, Ad Explorata finds Sound Tribe Sector Nine reaching unimagined heights with an unbiased freedom and nomadic soul.