Drive By Truckers, The Big To – Do (2010)


Written by Bill Whiting – [email protected]

Georgia’s Drive By Truckers return to hard rocking fury on their tenth studio project, The Big To – Do. Ending the record with the frail acoustic gem, “Eyes Like Glue,” guitarist and vocalist Patterson Hood lays the groundwork of melody and instrumental breaks the DBT follow throughout The Big To – Do. Beginning the disc with the powerfully stomping Petty- like “Daddy Learned To Fly,” Drive By Truckers set the tone of hardship and tough knocks embraced by fearless, slamming electric workouts on guitar, bass and drums. Mike Cooley and John Neff join Hood for the triple guitar attack on “The Fourth Night of My Drinking.” Brad Morgan’s skillful drum patterns influence the soaring tempos of “Birthday Boy.” Bassist Shonna Tucker contributes two of The Big To – Do’s bracing compositions, “You Got Another” and “(It’s Gonna Be) / I Told You So.” Hood’s imprint and presence is felt deeply on the country tinged “Santa Fe,” and the punk flavored “This Fucking Job.” A distant cousin in spirit to 2001’s masterwork, Southern Rock Opera and 2003’s decadent delight, Decoration Day, The Big To – Do often plays with the Drive By Truckers’ distinctively ingrained image on it’s riskiest moments during “The Flying Wallendas” and “Drag the Lake Charlie.” The Big To- Do is, perhaps, the definitive Drive By Truckers album. It is by all accounts an openly accessible piece of work that pushes the Southern rock unit forward toward a bright, shining light of listener respect and adultation. Simply put, it’s a monster.