Ali Baba’s Tahini Returns With New Album, Living Room, Out Today 7/14

ali babas tahini
Ali Baba's Tahini

When Jake Cinninger took the stage as a member of Umphrey’s McGee for the first time in September 2000, then recently disbanded Ali Baba’s Tahini appeared to be a thing of the past. And though the members decided to go their separate ways professionally, the long time friends and musical cohorts never lost touch and never stopped creating music.

On July 13, 2010 Ali Baba’s Tahini release their fourth album, Living Room. Follow-up to the spontaneous Rockstars and Lawnmowers (2005), Living Room is a carefully crafted product of Cinninger’s and Karl Engelmann’s collaborative songwriting. Get comfy, Living Room has room for everyone.

Look for Ali Baba’s Tahini to perform select Midwest tour dates this fall.

Ali Baba’s Tahini is:
Jake Cinninger – guitar, vocals
Karl Engelmann – rhythm guitar, lead vocals
Steve “Krojo” Krojenewski – drums
Jeff Hinkle – bass
Justin Powell – keyboard


1. One Two Three 0:07
2. Bikes 3:19
3. Unity 5:31
4. Living Room 5:44
5. Dose of the Real World 3:30
6. Piece 1:39
7. Guilt 4:04
8. Temptation 4:54
9. Cold Beers at Mickey’s Pub 2:40
10. Ringo Likes the Velvet 3:26
11. Four Five 0:04
12. Armadillo 1:55
13. Altitude 4:25
14. Lust 5:54
15. Rollin’ On 2:33