Danielle Ate the Sandwich Charts on iTunes and You Tube, performs at Denver’s Mile High Music Festival


Songwriting sensation Danielle Ate the Sandwich was featured as You Tube’s “Spotlight Video” on July 6, which, not so coincidentally, was the date, her new cd Two Bedroom Apartment was released. That video “Public Property” has garnered nearly 500,000 views to date and helped propel Danielle’s “2Bd Apt” disc to the Number 5 position on the iTunes singer/songwriter sales chart literally overnight.

Danielle “Ate the Sandwich” Anderson is a solid young (23) songwriter with a wicked sense of humor. Dubbed “Joni Mitchell meets Sarah Silverman,” Danielle tours nationally, has licensed songs to various TV shows and significantly understands and works new media on a generational level. Westword describes Danielle as, “cripplingly enchanting with lyrics telling the story of a generation uncertainly coming of age in an age of uncertainty.” And as the postings of 25,000 loyal subscribers to Danielle’s You Tube channel attest, she has rapidly developed a sizable young fanbase who feels Danielle has something to say to them and about their lives.

Two Bedroom Apartment continues in the strong songwriting tradition that propelled Danielle’s Things People Do disc to the top of numerous 2009 year-end “Best Of” lists. The brand new disc, now available via retail and the web, features a few home improvements by Danielle with savvy production work and tasty inclusion of just a few more instruments to compliment her uke, guitar and uncanny urethral vocals.

Songs on Two Bedroom Apartment address topics including: love, military recruitment on campus, food, death, Canada and the Apollo moon mission. In addition to performing at the Mile High Music Festival on August 15 Danielle continues to tour nationally this summer and has scheduled a ten city “2 Bd Apt Cyber-Tour,” accomplished entirely from her two bedroom apartment, via the internet for fall.