Lauren Houston and Jesse Thomas Combined CD Release Show August 13, 2010 at The Southgate House

lauren houston
Lauren Houston

Two talented artists hailing from Northern Kentucky will be releasing CDs at a combined celebration, Friday, August 13, 2010 at The Southgate House. 24 East 3rd Street, Newport, KY 41071. The show will take place in the ballroom. The evening will be rounded out by performances from Wade Johnston and Pete Dressman. Doors are at
8 p.m. $5 cover for 21 and up. $8 for 18-20.

The Evening’s Feature Performers

Lauren Houston (10:30 performance time)
Rural Morning View, KY is the place Lauren Houston has called home her entire life, currently living next door to the family farm she grew up on. Lauren’s parents, Dan, a full-time brick mason and part-time farmer, and Debby, a nurse, raised her on what she calls “the good stuff” ranging from the likes of Neil Young, Tom Petty, Bonnie Raitt, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor & the Rolling Stones. Over the years, Lauren fell in love with her own favorites… Jewel, Norah Jones, Hank Williams, Robinella, Over the Rhine, Ray LaMontagne and Patty Griffin, to name a few.

As most 20-somethings do, Lauren was determined to embrace individuality and find herself. She quickly realized her greatest gift was giving back through music. “We are all walking down different paths. It is neat to write a song about a certain subject and then have a listener tell you they related to it in a completely different way.”
Lauren says “Writing has become the most amazing release for me. I carry a note book with me everywhere – you never know when lyrics or a song idea will come about. No matter what happens in life, positive or negative, if I can write a song about it, it has been a success.”

Lauren’s multi-genre blend naturally comes through in her Americana song writing style. Lauren’s song subjects are personal, deep and thought provoking. Her sound is an expressive, eloquent portrayal of life through music. She feels her broad personal interest in music has helped her create a mix of folk, country, bluegrass, pop, blues and soul. Lauren says “I never wanted to be nailed down to one specific genre. I like the fact that I am all across the board.”

Lauren’s latest offering, Morning Time In Morning View, will be available for purchase at the release show on August 13th.


jesse thomas

Jesse Thomas (9:30 performance time)
Jesse Thomas is an L.A. based artist originally from Covington, Kentucky. In late 2008, with little money in her pocket she packed up her bags and moved out to Los Angeles by herself not knowing a soul when she arrived. After a few open mics around the valley and some very rough home-recorded demos, she caught the attention of producer Jim Roach. “Jim found me on MySpace. He was looking at another bands profile as a possible project, and I happened to comment on their page the same day.” she says. Once Jim heard her wildly unique voice and ability to write amazing songs the rest was history. The two soon met for coffee to chat and Jesse soon signed to Jim Roach’s Red Parade Music Group. “Jim pushed me to write lots of songs and we’d check in with each other every few days. In this process I learned just how strong of a writer I could be if I just kept pushing myself.” In the fall of 2009, with a handful of great songs, the two began the long process of working together to develop Jesse into what she is today.

Toward the end of 2009, Jim passed the newly recorded music onto old friend and colleague Rob McDermott at The Collective Management, famous for managing the band Linkin Park. Jesse’s unmistakable voice and raw passionate songs were enough to blow Rob away and score her a management deal with The Collective, a true management powerhouse.
Besides her poignant yet hilarious live persona, what makes Jesse so unique is her raw smoky voice that is truly all her own. It’s something most don’t expect from a girl under 5’ in her early 20s.

In Spring 2010 Jesse finished up her debut album “Hazel EP” which hits iTunes and stores nationally in September 2010. It will be available for the first time in her home state of Kentucky at the August 13th release show. In the meantime she is making a big impact on the music scene in L.A. and neighboring cities at venues like Hotel Cafe, Room 5, Gypsy Den. Keep Jesse on your radar because she won’t be underground for long.