Kentucky Thunder Releases Debut Album ‘Bout Damn Time

kentucky thunder
Kentucky Thunder

Nashville, TN–Good things come to those who wait. For the women of Kentucky Thunder, who have been playing live shows together for 14 years, that wait resulted in ‘Bout Damn Time, the group’s debut album. “I don’t know what we were waiting for,” says Jonell Mosser, one of Kentucky Thunder’s four singers. “I guess it’s because singing together was more for us than anyone else. Then all at once, so much time had passed. It was incredible – almost an embarrassment – that we hadn’t recorded together already.” The female quartet set out to rectify that, recording ‘Bout Damn Time live at Nashville’s 3rd and Lindsley concert club and releasing the album on September 7, much to the delight of the group’s legion of loyal fans.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled about it,” says Etta Britt of the band’s debut. “There is an excitement when we step on stage and that is what we wanted to bring to a record, so recording live over studio was a great move.” Indeed, Mosser, Britt, Sheila Lawrence and Vickie Carrico knew they had something special from the very beginning, when they sold out their first show and watched people line up to get a seat for Kentucky Thunder concerts hours before the women took the stage. They’ve been whipping audiences into a frenzy ever since.

The group’s immediate success wasn’t all that surprising considering each of the members enjoyed plenty of solo success before forming Kentucky Thunder. Mosser, a Nashville favorite, has recorded her own records and performed with some of the biggest artists in the music industry; Lawrence is one of Nashville’s great songwriters, recording her own songs and playing to packed houses for years; Carrico is one of the group’s most seasoned performers, writing and recording songs in studios and on stage for more than 25 years; and Britt, who came to Nashville after joining RCA recording group Dave and Sugar, has shared the stage with many great artists throughout her career. “I have believed since our very first gig together that there’s a magic between us that creates a joyful camaraderie that extends to everyone who comes along for the ride with us,” says Carrico about the group’s tight sisterhood. “I think ‘Bout Damn Time captures that feeling and hopefully makes whoever listens to it take a break and shake their butts a little.” Adds Lawrence, “We hope our friends, fans and family have as much fun listening and dancing to ‘Bout Damn Time as we had making it!”

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