Show Review – One eskimO, 11/4/10, 20th Century Theater, Cincinnati, OH

One eskimO
One eskimO

Written by Bill Whiting – [email protected]

Touring behind their hugely successful self titled debut recording, One eskimO made a stop at the 20th Century Theatre on November 4. The London, England quartet steeped their set in amplified acoustic dynamics that were tailored to the vocal prowess of singer Kristian Leontiou. One eskimO’s soulful melodies float by like a light breeze on a summer’s day, and the band got down to business early with the popular album track, “Astronauts.” Adam Falkner’s vibrant rhythmic attack on drums shook the building to the delight of the packed denizens on the 20th Century’s floor. The darkly lit stage provided a veiled wall between the band and audience, adding to the mystique of One eskimO’s sonic rendering of the disc’s opening track, “Hometime.” Bassist Jamie Sefton added the unique dimension of brass instrumentation to the closing track,”Amazing” and throughout the ensemble’s epic workouts. Pete Rinaldi’s amplified acoustic guitar work propels the fire inside the One eskimO sound, and he connected with Leontiou on the riveting number, “Chocolate.” Many in the crowd came to hear the number one hit, “Kandi,” and One eskimO kicked it hard with a tightly rocking improvisational midsection that had dancers twirling all the way to the back bar. By the time the boys neared the end of the set with the lyrically soaring masterwork, “UFO,” One eskimO had transfixed the 20th Century Theatre’s patrons under their hypnotic spell. The experience left one in great anticipation of One eskimO’s next project and stateside tour.