Freekbass Bringing The Funk To Florida


Written by Scott Preston
Photo by Michael Weintrob

Cincinnati’s own Freekbass will be making a trip down to Live Oak, Florida for The Bear Creek Music Festival this weekend (11/12 – 11/14) as an Artist at Large. Which for the most part means he gets to jump around from stage to stage and jam with some of the most talented artists around. Freekbass will be jamming with Big Sam’s Funky Nation, The Dead Kenny G’s, Ivan Neville’s Dumpstajam, Bernie Worrell & Socialybrium, DJ Logic and I’m sure other spontaneous collaborations will occur.

Something else I’m excited about is that I will be heading down to Bear Creek as well. I will be filming a mini tour documentary from beginning to end. You will get to see who Freekbass jams with and interviews from artists and fans alike. Freekbass and myself will also be tweeting live throughout the weekend. You can follow Freekbass at and Cincy Groove Magazine at

Something else everyone needs to be aware of is that Freekbass has been nominated for a 2010 Cincinnati Entertainment Award for “Best Funk/R&B Band”. You can vote for Freekbass by clicking here. To vote you just need an email address and you don’t have to be from Cincinnati to vote.

I was also able to sit down with Freekbass and ask him some questions about the upcoming weekend and what else he has in the works.

Cincy Groove: I see that you will be performing with quite a few amazing musicians at Bear Creek Music Festival. Have you jammed with any of them in the past?

Freekbass: Yes, some. I play in a group with DJ Logic (Headtronics), so made sounds with him many times. Bernie Worrell and I just played together last weekend at Moogfest. Mike Dillon, Skerik, and I did a side-group that played in Lexington,KY a couple of months ago that their bassist Brad Houser (Dead Kenny G’s) joined in too.Most of the other cats will be first time which is always exciting. Got a call from Ivan Neville a couple of days ago, so really looking forward to those grooves.

Cincy Groove: You also have been very active on twitter, do you think its a good tool for musicians to use? Will you be doing live tweeting at the festival?

Freekbass: Yes, all about twitter…great way to stay connected to folks you meet at shows, and other musicians. Yeah, I will be tweeting like a madman at Bear Creek.

Cincy Groove: Do you enjoy traveling long distances to perform?

Freekbass: I do. Whenever you play in new towns and festivals, that becomes your home for that day…I really like that part. All of the new folks you meet, and meeting up with other people and musicians you have hung with before, usually in different parts of the country, is what makes it all happen.

Cincy Groove: – I recently saw the new video for “Reds Fan”. How did the idea develop to re-shoot it with actual Reds fans from around town?

Freekbass: Obviously the Reds had a pretty storybook season, and since the song “Reds Fan” and the first video plays at the ball park, thought it might be cool to update the song and video for the special season. There was more than enough of me in the first video, and since the song is about being a Reds Fan, thought it would make sense to have “Reds Fans” from all walks of life in the video. I pitched the idea to director Ted Mandell, and he dug it, so away we went. The song itself was remixed by Douglas Thornton who was one of the folks that did the score to the Pete Rose movie “4192”, which is excellent by the way, and a must-see to anyone.

Cincy Groove: What projects are you currently involved in? any new recordings in the works?

Freekbass: As well as playing with whole Freekbass band, Tobotius and I are doing more and more gigs as a duo (bass & dj). I am also always doing more dates with Headtronics (DJ Logic, Steve Molitz, and myself). Think we are going to be playing Cincinnati again towards the beginning of the new year, which is where we had one of our first gigs together as a group. Also, DJ Spooky and I plan on doing some dates together soon too.

Freekbass tour dates

Monday, November 8 : Bengals Pre-Monday Night Football Tailgate Concert @ Longworth Hall / Cincinnati, OH

Friday, November 12 : Bear Creek Music & Art Festival / Live Oak, Florida
*Freekbass will be one of the Artists-At-Large.

Saturday, November 13 : Bear Creek Music & Arts Festival / Live Oak, Florida
*Freekbass will be one of the Artists-At-Large.

Friday, November 19 : Quixote’s – DJ Logic , Steve Molitz, Freekbass (Headtronics) / Denver, CO

Saturday, November 20 : Quixote’s – DJ Logic , Steve Molitz, Freekbass (Headtronics) / Denver, CO

Wednesday, November 24 : Play By Play / Cincinnati, OH

Saturday, November 27 : Mousetrap / Indianapolis, IN

Friday, December 31 : Newport Music Hall – Freekbass and Tobotius / Columbus, OH
*NYE with ekoostik hookah