MathGames, new group from Fareed Haque will perform 5/14 at The Mad Frog

fareed haque
Fareed Haque

May 14th at The Mad Frog
1 East McMillan St., Cincinnati OH
Admission: $8 Ages: 18+

Fareed Haque’s latest project, MathGames, will be bringing their hip new sound to The Mad Frog in Cincinnati. Moog guitar enthusiasts will not want to miss this show, as the new and innovative instrument will be Fareed’s ax of choice for the show. Math Games will be playing as a trio, as Flat Earth Ensemble members Alex Austin and Greg Fundis bring their talent and flair to the mix. This show will be a multi-sensory performance as the band incorporates screen and light effects to give the listener a more in-depth experience of this exploratory music!

“The potential of this instrument is vast, and as I began to dig into it, I began to hear new music that simply would not be possible on a standard guitar”- Fareed Haque

“This music dives headstrong into a dynamic concoction of funk, blues, and electronica that always keeps you guessing.”- Chicago Jam Scene

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