Bob Schneider Releases New Album ‘A Perfect Day’ Via Kirtland Records – Performs at the Southgate House on Monday May 9


Why is singer-songwriter-guitarist BOB SCHNEIDER wearing a band-aid on his forehead on the cover of his upcoming album A PERFECT DAY, due out April 19 on Kirtland Records?

That might have something to do with songs on the album like “Another Bad Idea” (the subject is love), “Everything You Love” (he sings “God will destroy/Everything you love/If you live long enough”) and “Penelope Cruz,” where he longs for a love that’s out of reach (“I wanna make a baby with Elizabeth Taylor/Around 19 and 57”) and reveals: “I wanna fall in love like I was falling off the face of the earth/I wanna fall forever/But every day/My dreams seem farther and farther away.”

It’s candid and razor-sharp lyrics like these from his 11th solo album A PERFECT DAY–produced by Dwight A Baker–that personify the acclaimed Austin-based artist. Since his 1999 solo debut, SCHNEIDER has won 24 Austin Music Awards, including “Best Singer-Songwriter,” “Best Band,” “Best Vocals” and “Musician of the Year” and earned critical praise plus a strong live following. His last album, 2009’s Lovely Creatures featured the hit “40 Dogs (Like Romeo and Juliet).” SCHNEIDER’s songs have been heard in films including Gunshy, Miss Congeniality, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, 40 Days & 40 Nights and Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.

SCHNEIDER kiddingly describes A PERFECT DAY as containing “more of the same great stuff that I’ve been putting out for years.” The album’s first track and single “Let The Light In”–set for a late February release–was a natural choice for SCHNEIDER. “From the first time I played this song live, it really seemed to connect with people and that’s the reason I put it first on the record.” “Let The Light In” weaves in references to the Wicked Witch and the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz. “I’m perplexed about where this stuff comes from, but I imagine the Wicked Witch is some kind of representation of an ex, who is finally ready to go out and have some fun. “

Look to hear some of the album’s new songs this Saturday, January 29 when SCHNEIDER performs on PBS’ “Austin City Limits” (9:00PM ET/PT) which also features Lyle Lovett as part of the show’s 36th season finale.

As always, it’s hard to throw the reins around BOB SCHNEIDER, whose music draws freely from rock, country, folk, blues, pop and funk. “Everyone hears all these different styles of music. It makes sense to use as many styles as you can to keep the music interesting. I grew up in Germany and heard music from all over the world there, and I’m sure that had some influence on my writing as well.”

The songs on A PERFECT DAY are fueled by SCHNEIDER’s trademark imagery-rich lyrics, with “Penelope Cruz” being a good case in point. “That song is about wanting to be happy, by expecting the impossible, which is something that I think I do quite a lot of,” says SCHNEIDER. “Obviously, I can’t go back in time, but I like to imagine all kinds of scenarios where I’m happy and life is perfect.”

THU, 28 APR 2011
Charity Event
The Sheth Residence [Bob Schneider Miles Zuniga from Fastball]
3407 Woodcutters Way
Austin, TX

FRI, 29 APR 2011
The Kessler Theater
1230 W. Davis St. – Dallas , TX
Two Shows at 7:15 and 10:30pm

SAT, 30 APR 2011
1724 N. Tancahua – Corpus Christi, TX

THU, 5 MAY 2011
Kansas City, MO

FRI, 6 MAY 2011
Vaudeville Mews
Des Moines, IA

SAT, 7 MAY 2011
Fine Line
Minneapolis, MN

SUN, 8 MAY 2011
Shank Hall
Milwaukee, WI

MON, 9 MAY 2011
Southgate House
Newport, KY

TUES, 10 MAY 2011
Phoenix Hill
Louisville, KY

WED, 11 MAY 2011
Blueberry Hill
St. Louis, MO

THUR, 12 MAY 2011
George’s Majestic Lounge
Fayetteville, AR

FRI, 13 MAY 2011
Cherokee Creek Music Festival
Doors: 6PM On stage: 9PM