Interview with Michael Glabicki from Rusted Root – Band Performs at Southgate House on July 9

rusted root
Rusted Root

Photo by Duane Rieder
Interview by Scott Preston

Rusted Root
July 9, 2011
Southgate House
24 E 3rd St, Newport, KY
All Ages, 8pm doors, 9pm show
$20 adv / $25 dos
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Rusted Root became a band twenty years ago. They’re known for their fusion of bluegrass and rock as well as their inspired use of percussion that is drawn from African, Latin America, Native American and Middle Eastern influences and defies categorization. Over the last several years they have sold more than 3 million albums worldwide and they have toured the world and the US with Toad the Wet Sprocket, Santana, The Grateful Dead, Dave Matthews Band, The Allman Brothers Band, HORDE Festival and, perhaps most notably, the highly coveted support role on the landmark Jimmy Page/Robert Plant reunion tour.

Cincy Groove: Lately more and more bands have started to record video/audio of their shows and release it to the public very soon after the show itself. What are your thoughts on releasing live material?

Michael Glabicki: I think its a great thing. We are known for our live shows so its good for someone who might not have heard us before to see or hear some live footage.

Cincy Groove: Rusted Root started right about the time the internet started to have a real effect on the music business. How do you feel about the relationship between the two today?

Michael Glabicki: We do use the internet to get the audio and video we record out into the hands our fans faster. It helps to get them excited about the new music we are writing. So its working great for us now, but in the beginning it was hard to figure out what was going to work and what wouldn’t. I do think its great that a band can cheaply record an album and promote it themselves. But at the same time it has changed the way business was done for a long time and some people take longer than others to adjust.

Cincy Groove: Will there be any new Rusted Root material coming out in the near future?

Michael Glabicki: Rusted Root is playing 6 new songs out on tour right now and I will be working with Preach Freedom & Colter Harper. We are going to go out and play as a trio and record a new album.

Cincy Groove: Who have you gone out on tour with that you really got excited about?

Michael Glabicki: We did a couple tours with Santana, which was fantastic. I had the chance to go up on stage with him and play a bunch of songs. Carlos was also a great teacher as well while you were on stage with him. We also did a tour with Plant and Page over in England, which was really an experience that hard to put into words.

Cincy Groove: Where has been one of your favorite places to play outside the United States?

Michael Glabicki: Well, we haven’t toured much outside the U.S. other than Canada and England, but I would have to stay performing in Wembly Stadium was pretty amazing.