Ultraviolet Hippopotamus plays Cincinnati, Nov. 12, in support of its recent, chart-climbing release

Ultraviolet Hippopotamus
Ultraviolet Hippopotamus

Ultraviolet Hippopotamus is an explosive five-piece jam rock band from Grand Rapids, MI with a rapidly growing fan base and thousands of online listeners worldwide. Recently described by Colorado’s Marquee Magazine as, “brightening the future of the jam scene,” UV Hippo mixes tight funky jams with new dance beats and strange effects for a killer musical experience. The band performs an eclectic array of composed and improvised original material, dancing between genres of funk, jazz, livetronica, reggae, bluegrass, and progressive rock. The word is out, and the band is seeing more repeat offenders traveling further distances to develop their Midwest following into a national sensation.

Anyone remotely familiar with the ‘jam band sound’ will immediately recognize the act’s influences and genre-mixing musical objectives, but Ultraviolet Hippopotamus adds a level of talent, intricacy and polish that truly sets it apart. Tight, energetic jams and outstanding vocals — a true rarity among the band’s peers — coupled with the act’s spontaneity and strong songwriting add to its appeal.

When experiencing UV Hippo live, jam band fans are quickly reminded why they fell in love with the genre’s sound in the first place, no matter when, where, and how they got on the bus. Rhythmic grooves and chord patterns, long sets of copious musical styles, big jams, sweet melodies and a powerful band dynamic are all well represented — as is the typically crowded dance floor. All told, UV Hippo provides hope for the future of jam bands and the jam scene.

“There are some wonderfully introspective and finely crafted songs that truly caught my ear and showed a wonderful depth of character and insightful song-writing sense”
– Michael Travis, String Cheese Incident/EOTO


www.uvhippo.bandcamp.com (New Album “Square Pegs Round Holes” available here)

Ultraviolet Hippopotamus Tour Dates
More dates to be added soon

Oct. 12 – 12th and Porter – Nashville, TN w/AFRO
Oct. 13 – Gottrocks – Greenville, SC
Oct. 14 – The Whiskey – Wilmington, NC w/Former Champions
Oct. 15 – Sun Music Hall – Floyd, VA w/Former Champions
Oct. 17 – Martin’s Downtown – Roanoke, VA w/General Patton
Oct. 19 – One Stop – Asheville, NC w/Duende Mountain Duo
Oct. 20 – Live Wire Music Hall – Savannah, GA
Oct. 21 – Funky Buddha – Boca Raton, FL
Oct. 22 – Eye Level Art – Charleston, SC
Oct. 27 – Bells Brewery: HALLOWEEN SHOW – Kalamazoo, MI
Oct. 28 – The Mousetrap: HALLOWEEN SHOW – Indianapolis, IN
Oct. 29 – Park Theater: HALLOWEEN SHOW – Holland, MI w/Back Forty
Nov. 4 – Loading Dock – Traverse City, MI
Nov. 9 – Canal Street Tavern – Dayton, OH
Nov. 10 – Woodlands Tavern – Columbus, OH
Nov. 11 – Lafayette Theater – Lafayette, IN w/Steez
Nov. 12 – Mad Frog – Cincinnati, OH
Nov 19 – Red Square – Albany, NY
Nov. 23 – 4D’s – Fort Wayne, IN
Nov. 26 – Billy’s – Grand Rapids
Nov. 30 – Martyr’s – Chicago, IL
Dec. 1 – Redstone Room – Davenport, IA w/Roster McCabe
Dec. 2 – Cranky Pats – Neenah, WI
Dec. 3 – Miramar Theater – Milwaukee, WI
Dec. 17 – Beachland Tavern – Cleveland, OH
Dec. 31 – The Bond-Fire Festival – Lake County,FL
March 9 – AURA Music Festival – St. Cloud, FL