Superhot rock-soul buzz band ALABAMA SHAKES (Rough Trade Records) makes its Cincinnati debut at MOTR Pub on Tuesday, December 13

alabama shakes
Alabama Shakes

Tuesday, December 13, 2011
MOTR Pub, 1345 Main St., Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio; 513-381-6687
FREE, 21-and-up, 10pm
(NOTE: MOTR Pub’s Writers’ Night, our weekly Tuesday-night open-mic series, returns on Tuesday, December 20.)

Watch as the Shakes pull shapes and bend spoons with 42 decibels of steel, tube and raw human lung power. Watch as the Shakes teach ya what you don’t know: the Matador, the Boot Knock, the Hip Dip, the Full Body Seizure, the One-Legged Fox Trot, the Thunderbird, the Cobra Snake, the Pre-Apocalyptic Struit, the Post-Apocalyptic Strut, the Reverse Rain Dance and more…Watch as the Shakes watch you for movement, reading your mind, giving you what you want right now on time. There will be sweat. There will uncontrollable toe tappin, neck snappin and attention grabbin. There will be rock and roll and soul. This is just the beginning of the Electric Indian Light Show. Prepare your eyelids. Tape them open so your eyes believe. Prepare your ear holes because we will be coming for them brains.