The Big Payback: Music Heritage Foundation celebrates 5th year Anniversary of James Brown’s homecoming

“The Big Payback: GRIOTS REVENGE”
Friday 12.30.11 – Historic Herzog – 7:30 p.m.
5th anniversary of James Brown’s passing.

(Cincinnati, OH) The Cincinnati USA Music Heritage Foundation will make history with another installment from the King Records chronicles by hosting a star studded celebration marking the 5th Anniversary of James Brown’s homecoming at the former Herzog Studios on Friday, December 30th, 2011 at 7:30 p.m.

More about the event:
Title:  The Big Payback: GRIOTS REVENGE
Where: Historic Herzog, 811 Race Street, Floor 2 – featuring exhibit of King & Herzog artists, pieces by Keith Neltner & Famous Flame Jimmy Railey (CityBeat building)
When:  Friday, December 30, 2011 at 7:30 p.m.
What:  Tribute Performances recorded before a live studio audience including refreshments.
Who: Selectas Choice (Cincinnati Magazines ” Best DJ Set 2011″) Nu Song, Lady Phixx & The Funky Drummer Allstars MC Cypher

Cost:  $30 (includes “Funky Drummer Society” membership & afterparty admission/ $10 (admission to both events which supports non-profit Cincinnati USA Music Heritage Foundation); Free for members

Also:  Audience members are welcome to participate in open mic performances of James Brown and King Records hits

Come join some of Cincinnati’s musical elite as we gather and pay homage to “Mr. Dynamite” and his funk filled legacy. With a career stretching more than 5 decades, Mr. Brown and his unique sound is responsible for many classic tunes like “Mother Popcorn” and “This is a Man’s World”. Let us not forget that Cincinnati’s own Bootsy Collins got his big break playing with James by hanging around the now dilapidated King Records Studios at 1540 Brewster. We would be remiss if we forgot the “Famous Flames” (Jimmy Railey and Bobby Byrd), who backed Mr. Brown until the late 60s with their smooth backing harmonies, impassioned delivery, and intricate dance steps. What about the soul stirring, gospel infused vocals of the Sisters of Righteous featuring Cincinnati’s own Geneva “Gigi” Kinard, Denise Kinard and the late Roberta DuBois? This powerful trio joined “Mr. Dynamite” in the 70s for a string of hits including King classics “Is my loving too slow” and “Hold on to what you got”. Don’t miss December 30th where we will roll out a special tribute to both of these legendary groups from the King era.

At this years CEA awards foundation officers Marvin Hawkins and Elliott Ruther dubbed the Queen City as the “Most sampled city in Hip Hop music across the world”. It is a known fact that Mr. Browns polyrhythmatic sound and vocal antics spawned many of Hip Hop musics chart topping hits (i.e. Public Enemy/ Fight The Power, LL Cool J/Booming System, Run DMC/ Run’s House, etc.) and most notably earned him the title “Godfather of Soul”.  Even in his passing, James remains a vital force in popular music and CUSAMHF feels that it is time for his “Big Payback.”

We couldn’t do the work of James Brown any justice without teaming with Cincinnati turntabalists & modern griots “Selectas Choice” (voted Cincinnati Magazines” Best DJ Set 2011″). The term “griot” in West African Culture is given to a class of traveling poets, musicians, and storytellers who maintain a oral record of tribal history. While many of Cincinnati’s hidden treasures have been over looked and lost in the shuffle (i.e. original King Records at 1540 Brewster Avenue & the historic Regal Theater) the Selectas Choice crate diggers have dedicated themselves to the preservation of Cincinnati’s musical legacy through the art of disc jockeying.

The Cincinnati USA Music Heritage Foundation applauds Mr. Brown, The Famous Flames, Sisters of Righteous, King Records Alum and all of those who helped set the stage for a new movement of artists and griots born to celebrate our town’s musical heritage.
And the party don’t stop:
Selectas Choice & the Cincinnati USA Music Heritage Foundation have teamed up for the Griots Revenge official afterparty at the Main Event 835 Main Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45202. Come rock with DJ’s Pillo, Apryl Reign & Mista Rare Groove as they take you on a funk odyssey through the musical coffers of Mr. Brown and some of Ohio’s entertainment royalty. Many of Cincinnati’s best kept secrets have been locked away and forgotten until now.

Membership to Cincinnati USA Music Heritage Foundation
With the 2011 CEAs, the Cincinnati USA Music Heritage Foundation unveiled its inaugural membership, The Funky Drummer Society.  For $30, members receive access to Herzog, discounts, special offers, a copy of “Hank to Thank” starring Dallas Moore and Jody Payne recorded live at Herzog on SOL Records, song downloads featuring Chris Walker, The Hiders, The Tammy WhyNots, The Comet Bluegrass Allstars and more.  For more go to 
About ” Griots Revenge”
The “Griots Revenge” DJ series is the result of a partnership between the Cincinnati USA Music Heritage Foundation and Selectas Choice for the purpose of preserving Cincinnati’s musical heritage and educating the people on our city’s extensive history in the entertainment and record industries.