The Harlequins to release self-titled cd on 3/3 at Mayday with Gringo Star and Shadowraptr

the harlequins
The Harlequins

The Harlequins CD Release – March 3, 2012

with Gringo Star and Shadowraptr

Mayday Bar, 4227 Spring Grove Ave. Cincinnati, OH

21+, 9pm, FREE

Young veterans of the Cincinnati scene, The Harlequins write highly focused, soulful rock ‘n’ roll with an underlying movement of energy. Their songs often hook you in immediately, but at times can detour into completely unexpected psychedelic chaos. It’s pulled off without a hitch, as they never leave you wanting the goods for long.

This Cincinnati band puts on one of the most energetic and entertaining shows you’ll see. Soaring vocals. Twisting drums. Pounding rhythms. Think Syd Barrett crashing concert by The Jam, with pop fireworks and a healthy dose of mayhem to keep you on your toes.

“Their 2009 release, Baron Von Headless, generated a fair amount of attention on local radio and TV, which led to touring and a spot at this year’s South by Southwest festival. We expect only more good things to come – Citybeat “

People are catching on to the unique sound and vision of The Harlequins as they’ve worked hard playing many shows in and out of town, from South by Southwest in 2010 to Midpoint Music Festival (4 times).