Shiny and The Spoon Release New Music Video – “Take On Me!”


Shiny and the Spoon is proud and, ok, pretty damn excited to release the official music video for “Take On Me” (Ferris Wheel, 2011).

Just over three years ago, Shiny and the Spoon debuted itself to thousands of listeners, framed by a door jam in a tiny Clifton apartment. A video of their stripped-down, ukulele-tinkling rendition of A-Ha’s  “Take On Me” immediately went “viral” and today boasts nearly 300,000 views.

Since then, Shiny and the Spoon has grown in members and regional renown. In the past year alone, SATS added bassist Pete Brown, Drummer Matt Frazer, and released its first full-length album: “Ferris Wheel” (Recorded and produced by John Curley @ Ultrasuede Studios). 

“Ferris Wheel” contains a revamped version of the song, featuring a full band, surfy guitar, and a class of fourth graders from North College Hill. And as of today, Shiny and the Spoon has released a music video of their new album’s recording to complement their original “doorside” concert.

Directed by Josh Flowers and e.E. Charlton-Trujillo and produced by Pinata Productions, the video was recorded in Camp Washington and on Fountain Square, where shots show gold and purple robots mingling with enthused and curious onlookers. Please take a moment to view the new music video for “Take On Me,” and let us know if you like it!

Shiny and the Spoon’s version of “Take On Me” is available for free download, along with select tracks from “Ferris Wheel” at: URL for 2009 Video:

Shiny and The Spoon is also appearing at the 2nd Annual Cincy Groove Music Festival on 7/28 at Arnold’s Bar, detail are here –