MOE. After Show (10/26) with Vinyl Soup and Tattered Roots at Stanleys Pub

Vinyl Soup
Vinyl Soup
MOE. After Show with Vinyl Soup and Tattered Roots
Friday October 26, 2012
Stanley’s Pub, 323 Stanley Ave, Cincinnati, OH
$5 Cover
Show time: 9:30 p.m.

Nashville, TN based psychedelic rock band Vinyl Soup returns in the Fall of 2012 renewed and reinvented. They have already begun their new tour with a high profile evening set at the Bowling Green, KY based Grateful Gathering festival. On October 26, they will be performing at Stanley’s Pub in Cincinnati, Ohio followed by a Halloween show in Kalamazoo, Michigan. With their upcoming release, The Beacon Within, Vinyl Soup have completely grown into what the blogosphere has always believed they were : a true songwriter’s prog-jam band. Witness the new lyrical subject matter that is addressed, with a focus on strong melodies and uncluttered arrangements – the state of the American health care system in opening single ‘Mr. Blue Shield’, the fight to rise above soul crushing loneliness in ‘Leave Me Alone’, the reap what you sow fable of ‘What You Gave’, the consequences of addiction in ‘Corner Cafe’, and the plea for a modern world peace in ‘Reminding Us All’, for example. New aural textures permeate the songs on The Beacon Within : the driving yet dreamy tones of the lap steel, the eerie otherworldly strings & choirs of the mellotron, burbling and buzzing synth sounds and thick chords from the Fender Rhodes electric piano. The enthusiasm of the band is visible, as they bring these new songs to the stage this Fall, with freewheeling improvisations often attached. Catch a band clearly hitting their prime over this next year of shows. This is Vinyl Soup.