Koala Fires Demise Set for December 31st 2013


What if you knew when you were going to die?

A poignant question, usually answered with plans for reckless abandon and unfettered freedom. Cincinnati indie rock band Koala Fires are no strangers to rumors of their own demise. It has been the repeated focus of prognostication, reported numerous times by the press and even questioned by fans and close friends. Now that the band has set a firm date for the end, their answer to this existential question is similar to the usual.

“I only blame our own lack of interest in marketing for the rumors that started around 2010” states frontman Matt Mooney. “I’ve always had qualms about marketing things; if you like it, then like it. If you don’t, don’t. Our silences must have been taken as signs of resignation.”

Now the band has decided to take matters into their own hands and put the last nail in the coffin themselves. “We’ve got a lot planned for our last year together and plan to go out in style, having a great time with all of the folks who want to be a part of the wake.”

The band is planning to make the last year their biggest yet. Koala Fires have been spending their time out of the spotlight polishing a DIY creative ethic. Having already released two stand alone singles in January (“We Are All Kingdoms” and “Chunfen”) utilizing their newly honed recording, mixing and mastering techniques, they will self-release a digital only rarities album and then their sophomore full length “Doom of the Norns” on Spooky Label (a new tape label founded by Mooney)

“We’re hoping to enlist the help of friends to create videos that we’ll release digitally and on DVD as well. We want to document and share all that has made us what we’ve been for the last 5 years” says Mooney. Along with bandmates Matt Retherford, Matt Zink and Ben Evans, Mooney has struggled with the decision, but ultimately thinks it is the equitable thing to do saying “We’ve all got energy we’re putting into new things; non Koala Fires things, and want to give them more energy moving forward.”

December 31st, 2013 is the last day Koala Fires will exist.

The Koala Fires are a Cincinnati-based independent rock band. They are currently playing in-town dates to support the release of their latest stand alone singles “We Are All Kingdoms” and  “Chunfen”.