Jeecy And The Jungle Perform At MOTR Pub with Ohio Knife on 2/22


Jeecy and the Jungle with Ohio Knife
Feb 22, 2013
MOTR Pub, 1345 Main St, Cincinnati, OH
9pm, 21+, Free

On Friday, February 22, incendiary Detroit rockers Jeecy and the Jungle will bring their manic mix of R&B, soul, rock and punk to MOTR Pub.

Jeecy and the Jungle is the latest and most unexpected buzz band hailing from Detroit.  Take Robert Johnson, add in Ray Charles, something psychotropic and 50 years of musical legacy and you have Jeecy and the Jungle.

Jeecy and the Jungle is an experience, like defibrillation is an experience.  Their live show is a train-derailing stomp that makes the young sweat and the thirsty convulse.  Few bands completely command an audience’s attention like Jeecy.  “Slack-jawed” must have been coined to describe the look of an audience after Jeecy’s sonic assault.  They are simply one of the most musically and visually compelling bands ever witnessed.

Jeecy and the Jungle’s first EP, “Twist and Scream” was released on September 29, 2012.

Gerald Collins (guitar, vocals)
Raquel Falcon (bass, vocals, sugar)
Dana James Ares (drums, vocals, disguises)
Paul Meyers (keyboard, percussion, brass knuckles)