Pure Prairie League at Newport Syndicate March 8


Newport Syndicate Concert Series ~ 18 East 5th St. ~ Newport, KY
Friday, March 8
7:30 PM, $40, all ages
www.pureprairieleague.com or www.rickalter.com

From their beginnings in Ohio as a group of friends playing cover tunes to the
present-day unit featuring founding member/pedal-steel innovator John David
Call, veteran bassist Mike Reilly, drummer Scott Thompson and guitar ace
Donnie Clark, PURE PRAIRIE LEAGUE continues to embellish the rich 42-year
history of one of Country-Rock’s pioneering forces. As one reviewer recently
wrote: “PPL’s sound combines sweet memories with edgy, contemporary
muscle. Their vocals are as strong as Kentucky moonshine and the musicianship
and performance skills are as sharp as a straight razor”.

Their eponymous first album – featuring the Norman Rockwell/Saturday
Evening Post cover that introduced fans to PPL’s trademark cowpoke “Sad
Luke” – has been hailed as a “major early influence in the emerging popularity
of Country-Rock music”. Their second effort, the multi-platinum “Bustin’ Out”
brought us the Craig Fuller-penned classic “Amie”, along with other gems of the
genre. With “Two Lane Highway”, nine more albums and countless shows, a
legacy has been forged and enriched during the ‘70s and 80’s, highlighting
contributions from several noteworthy members, including co-founder George
Powell, Cincinnati’s legendary Goshorn Brothers, Country Hall of Famers Gary
Burr and Vince Gill, award-winning writer Jeff Wilson (3 Top-20 singles) and
a host of other guest appearances from Chet Atkins, EmmyLou Harris, David
Sanborn, Eagle Don Felder, Nicolette Larson, and many more.

Now in their fifth decade, Pure Prairie League continues to lead the way for the
new generation of Country/Rockers such as Keith Urban, Nickel Creek, Wilco
and so many others that cite PPL as a major influence. As crisp and clean as
spring water and as comfortable as a well-worn cowboy shirt, Pure Prairie
League still brings it all back home.