Shantel Leitner To Perform At The Southgate House Revival on 5/22

Shantel Leitner
Shantel Leitner

Shantel Leitner
May 22, 2013
Southgate House Revival (lounge), 111 E 6th St, Newport, KY
21+, 10 pm, Free

Shantel Leitner is a soulful Midwesterner brought up on the plains of a small, idyllic town in Kansas. She began singing at a small age, following in the foot steps of her grandfather, mother, & aunt who comprised a family country/western band. Shantel shows an affinity for a soul sensibility that melds itself with a pop/folk likability. Where there is musical sincerity, Shantel finds the most truth & hungers to connect with the listener. Shantel’s style could best be described as pop/folk infused with a bit of soul as her voice floats above her guitar, harkening a raw quality reminiscent of an old blues record.