The Mitchells are playing at Northside Tavern Friday, May 10th with State Song and Sun Country

The Mitchells
The Mitchells

The Mitchells, State Song, Sun Country
Friday May 10, 2013
Northside Tavern, 4163 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati, OH
Free, 10 pm

Cincinnati-based indie rock group, The Mitchells, are playing music with State Song and Sun Country this Friday at Northside Tavern.

Early reports on Joseph William Mitchell’s Weather Channel app for Friday have a picture of a cloud in front of a picture of the Sun with rain and a lightning bolt coming out of it. Joseph still feels very optimistic that the day’s weather will improve. “I really think that Friday is going to turn around for everyone,” he said. “Its probably going to be nice out that day. Also, Northside Tavern has a roof and most of the outdoor area is shielded pretty well even if it does rain.”

The Mitchells play music that draws from a number of different genres including folk, classical, and rock. Live performance, and in particular the Mitchells’ love of gritty chamber music, as well as garage rock has led to the inclusion of many ideas inspired by baroque enlightenment composers, modern rock masters and the simple melodies birds make or that handheld radios produce whist spinning the dials. Fans and listeners have described the group’s music in nostalgic terms, or more bluntly as “the soundtrack to your childhood,” and while their style is constantly evolving, this aesthetic remains at their core. The band believes they are firmly rooted in the world of indie rock.

State Song has been a meaningful presence in the Cincinnati alt rock scene since 2009. The band can be counted on to provide a unique combination of elements including larger-than-life sound, intricate melodies, and thoughtful lyrics. State Song works the three-piece dynamic to the fullest, utilizing the keyboard and sampler as accents and alleviating the need for a full blow Rock configuration on stage. They thrive on luring you into their spacey melodic afterthoughts only to pummel you later with the wrath of stacks and raw power. They put forth both taste and talent and our music scene is the better for it.

Sun Country is a five piece band from Cincinnati. According to their bio they like to sit on a porch and sing songs about animals. They also like to sing songs about whiskey while singing songs about animals. As much as Sun Country guards themselves with hilarious false description the music they create is completely honest and driving. Ripe with freshness, beautiful melodies, excellent lyrical foundation, and texture created from a group of young men you can’t quite tell like each other or simply hate one another.

The Mitchells’ members are:
Joseph Mitchell – Guitar, vocals
Matt Dolin – Guitar
Megan Scharff – viola, violin, keyboards
Carlos Mitchell – bass, vocals
Nicholas Mavridoglou – drums
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