Camp Washington Chili Coney Eating Contest This Friday June 14 On Fountain Square


CINCINNATI (June 10, 2013) – The Freaky Friday events on Fountain Square continue this week with the Camp Washington Chili Coney Eating Contest on Friday, June 14. Come down to the square from Noon to 1:00 p.m. for some good old-fashioned fun.

In the contest, twelve people complete against each other in a timed event. The object is to eat as many cheese coneys as possible in three minutes. The record is thirteen.

One of the original chili parlors in the city, Camp Washington Chili has been in business on the same Colerain Avenue corner since 1940, five minutes from downtown off the Hopple Street exit. They have been recognized nationally in Bon Appetit Magazine as one of the top 10 chili parlors in the United States. Three different shows on the Travel Channel featured Camp Washington Chili: Man v. Food, Chili Paradise, and 101 Places to Chow Down in America. The Food Network’s “Al Roker on the Road” has featured Camp Washington Chili, and the restaurant has won a James Beard Award.

Outside of Texas, Cincinnati is the most chili-crazed city in the United States, with more chili parlors per capita and per square mile than any other city in the country. According to the Cincinnati USA Convention and Visitors Bureau, Cincinnatians consume more than 2 million pounds of chili each year, topped with 850,000 pounds of shredded cheese. And, if you haven’t tried Camp Washington Chili yet, you’re missing the best chili in Cincinnati.

This is Camp Washington Chili’s fifth year hosting The Coney Eating Contest on Fountain Square. This year, law firm Flagel & Papakirk, LLC and Reliable Products and Services of Ohio join Fox Sports Ohio as presenting sponsors.