Brooklyn’s Jus Post Bellum at MOTR Pub 11/6, New Album out 11/12

Jus Post Bellum
Jus Post Bellum

Photo Lauren Slusher

Jus Post Bellum
November 6, 2013
MOTR Pub, 1345 Main St, Cincinnati, OH
9pm, Free, 21+

Brooklyn’s Jus Post Bellum (Justice After War) mark the announcement of their upcoming sophomore album, Oh Julywith the premiere of “Gimme That Gun” via WNYC’s Soundcheck. Coming November 12, Oh July is more a character study than a sequence of songs, more history lesson wrapped in the present than a single song waiting for the internet to bring about buzz. Concepts aside, the songs at the foundation of Oh July are masterfully designed and bathed in the idyllic voices of Geoffrey Wilson and Hannah Jensen… both rising above concept through the heart-rending conduit of song.

Jus Post Bellum is the story of a man and a woman. An extended narrative. A character study, painted in broad strokes and finely etched. Jus Post Bellum is a man and a woman. A midwestern couple cohabiting in real life, looking towards the past for inspiration. A group of musicians, pulling upon the lessons of history, painting pictures in the present.