The Ridges set to end their SXSW mini-tour in Cincinnati March 21st at Northside Tavern with The Mitchells and Shiny and the Spoon.



The Ridges
The Ridges

Photo by Scott Preston

Athens-based orchestral folk-rock group, The Ridges, are playing at the Northside Tavern (4163 Hamilton Ave)  with The Mitchells and Shiny and the Spoon on Friday, March 21st, 9pm, Free.

The Ridges are an orchestral folk-rock band from the Appalachian college town of Athens, Ohio. Rooted in the collaboration of Victor Rasgaitis (guitar, vocals) and Talor Smith (cello, vocals), the duo is supported live by a rotating cast of musicians who add classical and folk rock instrumentation ranging from cellos, violas, violins, upright bass, and horns to banjo, mandolin, accordion, and drums. Known for bringing an electrifying energy to acoustic music, MidPoint Music festival called them a “roostier, catchier Arcade Fire,” while described their sound as “the kind of Americana music that falls off the bone.” Never satisfied with anything less than unforgettable, The Ridges are committed to finding new ways to surprise their fans with fresh ideas. From an in-theater live film score to a record store exclusive choral recording, The Ridges passion for creatively customizing their definition of an indie band has gained them national momentum that is giving way to a full length debut album expected for release in 2014.

Shiny and The Spoon
Shiny and The Spoon

Shiny and the Spoon Formed in 2008, Shiny and the Spoon quickly established itself as one of the most intimate and honest folk acts in the Midwest. Videos of living room performances gained viral status, while tightly knit group of fans packed performances in listening rooms and local dive bars. The past year has been their most momentous to date, with the addition of veterans Pete Brown and Matt Frazier, and the release of their second full length album Box of Bullets. The band has quickly moved from back rooms to bandstands throughout the Midwest, retaining the same unadorned simplicity and tightly wound harmonies as before. With a clever ease and lack of airs, Shiny and the Spoon, remains a local favorite and one of the most broadly accessible folk acts performing today.

The Mitchells
The Mitchells

THE MITCHELLS. Hailing from the Queen City, The Mitchells are a band of storytellers who weave their tales with orchestral sensibilities while being unafraid to cut loose and let their rock roots show. The Mitchells spent 2013 playing shows all around the great city of Cincinnati and the great States of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. After recording a five-song starter to hand out to friends at local watering holes, The Mitchells quickly became everyone’s go-to for opening band support.

Nearly every weekend in Cincinnati and its surrounding area, The Mitchells were featured or introduced on the undercard, performing with local and national acts such as We Are Snapdragon, Ivan & Alyosha, The Ready Stance, Graph Rabbit, Ohio Knife, The Lone Bellow, The Hounds Below, Bethesda, Frontier Folk Nebraska, Twin Forks Music, Hickory Robot, Sun Country, The Pomegranates, Warren Byrom & Fabled Canelands, Englishman, State Song, and The Yugos.

On weekends, when The Mitchells weren’t in town opening for one of their favorite bands, they were on the road playing shows in Lexington, Dayton, Indianapolis, Columbus, Athens, and Louisville. In July The Mitchells were asked to kick off the 2nd annual Bunbury Festival here in Cincinnati, and in September the Mitchells played the Mid Point Music Festival with Damien Jurado at the Blue Wisp Jazz Club.

After finishing up their first Halloween performance in Athens, Ohio The Mitchells spent the night in an old farm-house-converted-into-an-art-studio listening to late night/early morning jazz radio and contemplated the creation of their first full length album. This winter The Mitchells finished the album which is set for release this spring.

The Mitchells are:
Joseph Mitchell – Guitar, vocals
Marc Aiello – Guitar
Carlos Mitchell – bass, vocals
Nicholas Mavridoglou – drums

You can also find The Mitchells on Facebook: Http://