SassafraZ, Swift Technique, and IndigoSun To Perform At Stanley’s Pub on 4/24


Photo by B Hockensmith

On Thursday April 24th, Columbus based funk group SassafraZ will perform live at Stanley’s Pub (323 Stanley Ave) with IndigoSun (Chicago) and Swift Technique (Philadelphia/Brooklyn).  SassafraZ has played Cincinnati many times, including their headlining show at the Madison Theater, Frazzle Town! With 2 guitars, bass, drums, 4 keyboards, and 2 horn players, SassafraZ already has a rather difficult time fitting on stage at Stanley’s (but it’s such a great bar that they do it anyway). Swift Technique is a power funk group with 9 members of their own. IndigoSun is an electronic neo-soul group that also has a lot of equipment and more horn players! This could possibly break the record for most equipment and players to ever play at Stanley’s on the stage at the same time!

18+/9:00 PM/$7 cover


SassafraZ officially played its first show on Jan 7th 2012, but the seeds of the band were planted much earlier. Partners Eric Turner (guitar/vocals) and Jack Gould (saxophone/keys) began working together when they met in Athens, OH in fall of 2008. Long time collaborator Zachary Pontzer showed up shortly after and has been playing with them ever since.

SassafraZ has changed a lot of members in the last two years, but has finally found a lineup that should be around for a while. The original trio has teamed up with Jake Goldberg (bass), Thane Evans (keys/vocals), and Nathan Parker (drums/vocals) to fill out the band. In the fall of 2013 the band found their new singer, Alex White, completing version 3.0 of SassafraZ.

2014 is an exciting year for SassafraZ. With the band set and brand new music to show the world, they are ready to hit the road. SassafraZ recently released their new EP Move Your Body and the band will be embarking on a 16 show tour in May to celebrate the release!


Swift Technique