Sayler Park Sustains This Saturday May 31, Music From The Tillers, Rob Fetters, Buffalo Wabs & The Price Hill Hustle & More

The Tillers at Sayler Park Sustains 2013
The Tillers at Sayler Park Sustains 2013

Join us on May 31. 2014, from 11am – 11pm for a day-long celebration of community, stewardship, and sustainability. Hands-on demonstrations in urban bee and chicken-keeping, DIY solar installation, permaculture, composting, and DIY natural household cleaners. Local bands include: The Part-Time Gentlemen, Red Cedars, The Tillers, Rob Fetters, Buffalo Wabs and the Price Hill Hustle, Josh Eagle, and many more! Raffles include a full backyard chicken set-up, container gardens, organic non-GMO seeds, t-shirts, CDs, DIY solar installation in-home consult, and much more.

Kid-friendly and Mother Earth-approved!

Check out our full event schedule below:
10:00 — Ms. Moses (Stage A)
10:35 — Yoga with Marietta Bucalo (Stage B)
10:55 — Blue Caboose (Stage A)
11:40 — Crystal Judge demonstrates DIY self-care products (Stage B)
12:00 — Rabbit Hash String Band (Stage A)
12:45 — Joe Utasi demonstrates DIY solar (Stage B)
1:05 — Jake Book (Stage A)
1:50 — Zach Tabor teaches us about urban bee keeping (Stage B)
2:10 — The Part-Time Gentlemen (Stage A)
2:55 — Garrett Gerrard shows us easy ways to green a car (Stage B)
3:15 — The Blue Rock Boys (Stage A)
4:00 — Adam Hudepohl demos Composting 101 (Stage B)
4:20 — Red Cedars (Stage A)
5:05 — Mike Oberst teaches us about backyard chicken keeping (Stage B)
5:25 — Rob Fetters (Stage A)
6:10 — Patti Walker teaches about permaculture (Stage B)
6:25 — Buffalo Wabs & The Price Hill Hustle (Stage A)
7:25 — David Faul Band (Stage A)
8:40 — The Tillers (Stage A)



Band sign created by Mike Oberst from The Tillers