The Singles Coming To The Drinkery On 7/22

The Singles - Nicky Veltman and Vince Frederick
The Singles – Nicky Veltman and Vince Frederick

Photo by Joshua Hess

The Singles
The Drinkery, Main St, Cincinnati, OH
21+, Free

The Singles are Vince Frederick (guitar/lead vocals) and Nicky Veltman (drums/back-up vocals). Hints of garage rock, power pop, glam, blues and punk all find their way into the music. Both originally from Detroit, the two joined forces in LA in 2012 to restart The Singles— a moniker Vince had used in the past to release his songs with different incarnations of the band.

With the help of friends on bass, the band began playing locally, bringing stripped down rock-n-roll to the LA music scene. Things got serious once they met producer Rick Parker, who was brought on to mix their single “(She’s Got) A Heart of Stone” in early 2013. His chill vibe, part surfer, part jedi studio master, was the perfect counterpoint to the off-kilter energy of the band.

Equipped with an arsenal of songs and Rick’s genius, the band went back into the studio to record their latest full-length album Look How Fast A Heart Can Break.

The Singles’ Look How Fast A Heart Can Break is out now on CD, digital and limited edition vinyl (via Cobraside Distribution).