Brian Olive Releases New EP “Move” – Full Length Album Coming Spring 2015


Multi-instrumentalist Brian Olive is back with a new EP Move. Move features four new tracks that showcase Olive’s firm grasp on soul, psych and garage genres showcasing clever lyrics, down and dirty rhythms and just enough insanity to make you want to shake it all out. This is the third release for Olive, which will be followed by a tour in late summer/early fall and a full-length release in Spring 2015.

Move skates across the avenues of soul, rock, jazz and psych in wonderful and exciting ways. Olive serves up a heady mix of groove and rhythm, galvanized by his tasteful sense of bridging timeliness and timelessness, punctuated by his ever-expanding expertise in the studio. This self-produced release carries forward the eclectic style and singular approach captured on Olive’s previous two solo endeavors, his self-titled debut and the sophomore release Two of Everything, co-produced by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys, both of which were met with glowing reviews in the US and the UK.

The release of Move is destined to be yet another high point in a catalogue of remarkable musical output.  In a relatively short period of time, Olive has built a musical resume, testifying to his abilities and acuity as an exceptional artist, musician and producer.  Olive’s pedigree runs deep having been a founding member of one of the country’s finest garage rock outfits, The Greenhornes; joining up with the spirited Soledad Brothers; and co-writing and performing on longtime influence Dr. John’s Grammy-winning album, Locked Down.

Olive’s solo releases exhibit his craft and strengths as a songwriter and musician, clearly displaying his talents and establishing him as an artist worthy of recognition.  His solo output is further augmented by his skills at the recording desk, a great passion for him. Along with producing his own work at his beloved Diamonds Studio in his adopted hometown of Cincinnati, Olive has shown an uncanny knack for capturing the best of some very fine and incredibly diverse musicians in the last few years. His prowess as producer and artist is easily charted and his continued success in coming years is sure to be exciting and very welcome.